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Founded in 1979, Elite have been designing and manufacturing a range of cycling products and indoor training technologies for forty years.

Elite is one of cycling’s premium brands, producing Elite Turbo Trainers, bottle cages, Elite Rollers and home trainers, amongst a range of other products for a range of cyclists.

Located in Italy, Elite work to improve cyclist’s lifestyles, workouts and riding performances by researching and innovating cutting-edge cycling products and indoor training technologies.

Elite Bottle Cages are one of the most established products produced by the brand worldwide, thanks to it’s catalogue of fibreglass or carbon-reinforced cages, designed to secure a firm grip on the bottle in even the most terrible weather.

Elite Water Bottles supply professional and amateur teams with their incredible range of water bottles; from trekking to racing, Elite stock a huge range of water bottles for any sporting endeavour.

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Elite Turbo Trainer

Elite Turbo Trainer

If the weather is getting you down, check out the range of Elite Trainer Turbos, allowing you to use your bike indoors in any weather.

Elite Turbo Trainers make your training fun and allow you to switch up your cycling routine, complimenting your outdoor activities.

By attaching your bike to the range of Elite Trainer Boxes, you can cycle indoors and get an excellent training session in, without leaving your home.

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Elite Drivo II OTS+ Turbo Trainer

This Elite Turbo Trainer features a new Optical Torque System, which measures your power meter data to within 0.5%.

Train indoors in any weather, with the upgraded resistance hardware, which now makes the Elite Drivo II one of the fastest responding trainers on the market.

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Elite Direto Turbo Trainer

The Elite Direto Turbo Trainer has established itself as one of the finest and best value Elite Direct Drive Turbo Trainers.

Catering for the most serious riders, the Elite Direto Turbo Trainer features improved calibration and firmware updates to the Optical Torque Sensor, giving you more accurate training data.

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Elite Bottle Cages

Elite Bottle Cages

Elite Bottle Cages are a handy addition to any cycling team or group.

The Elite Bottle Cage range offers a variety of different options for cyclists and are Elite’s most established products.

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Elite Vico Carbon Bike Bottle Cage

The Elite Vico Carbon Bike Bottle Cage is a sleek and lightweight design, which utilises new innovation construction techniques.

The Italian carbon fibre design uses a new carbon injection process, creating an exceptional Elite Bottle Cage at an incredible value for money.

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Elite Custom Race Plus Bottle Cage

The Elite Custom Race Bottle Cage is an incredible bottle cage for riders.

With a large entry point, the Elite Custom Race Plus Bottle Cage allows users to insert the bottles at a wide variety of angles, minimising the space required for carrying an Elite Water Bottle.

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Elite Water Bottles

Elite Water Bottles

Elite Water Bottles are an essential addition to any cyclist's journey.

Whether your road racing, mountain biking, or trekking, Elite provide cyclists with the best water bottles on the market.

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Elite Fly Water Bottles

The Elite Fly Water Bottle was created after years of feedback from the world's fastest riders, and the desire to create the ultimate lightweight racing companion.

The range of Elite Fly Water Bottles feature a refined compound with more spring, which aids caging retention and avoids compression from changes in air pressure for those high mountain descents.

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