Do I need to keep my MOT certificate?

Along with your paper copy, the DVSA keeps an electronic record of your test certificate. Whilst this electronic record will be used by police during any driving offenses, it is highly recommended that you also keep your paper copy safe for certain circumstances.

When you'll need your paper MOT certificate

One of the most significant times you'll need the paper copy of your MOT test certificate is when you are planning on selling your car. Any prospective buyer will need to see the most recent certificate as evidence of the car being roadworthy at the time of purchase, as the general public cannot access these digital records.

It is also important to have the paper certificate in the event of an accident or insurance claim. Your claim is likely to be affected if you don't have this paper certificate handy, which could mean you lose out on a significant amount of money, especially in the event of an injury.

What to do if you have lost your MOT certificate

Accidents happen, so if you have lost or damaged your current MOT paper certificate, it can be replaced. A replacement is available at any MOT centre, and you'll need to provide the original MOT test number, or the V5C document reference number (which can be found on your V5C certificate).

The centre is likely to charge you a fee of up to £10 for this replacement.

Can I drive without an up-to-date MOT?

The short answer: no. If your car is over three years old, the law dictates it must undergo an MOT test. This is annual, and can be taken up to one calendar month prior to the last test date. The only circumstances during which you can legally drive the car on public roads after this date is to the test centre, and to an area for repairs should they be needed.

Without a certificate, you'll also be unable to renew your road tax. Without road tax, your car is also illegal to drive on public roads and property. If you've forgotten your MOT renewal date, try our handy tool, "When is my MOT due?" to find out when you'll need to renew your MOT.

Do I need to keep my MOT certificate?