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Discover all you need to know about car servicing with our handy car servicing help and advice hub.

Our Car Servicing Advice page has everything you need to know about the type of service your car needs, when it might need it and what you can do to help the whole process go smoothly. Plus, you can find out about the different car servicing that we offer where you can trust that your vehicle will be in safe hands.

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Most services will take a few hours, but it depends on the service package you select. We don’t offer service slots, instead you’ll need to leave your vehicle at the Halfords Autocentre at either 8:30am or 11:30am on the day of your service. We'll call you when your car is ready to collect.

Yes! Our combined MOT and service packages are a convenient way to keep your car running smoothly. Up To £44 Off Your MOT & Service When You Join Halfords Motoring Club For Free. You can check out our range of MOT and service packages and book online.

Booking an MOT and a service together makes it much less likely that you’ll forget either of them. We’ll carry out your MOT and service during the same appointment, which means you’ll only have to make one trip, not two. Up To £44 Off Your MOT & Service When You Join Halfords Motoring Club For Free.

We don’t own the car parks and therefore have no control over security or any parking restrictions, so if you leave your car at an Autocentres, it’s at your own risk.

Click here to find some advice on selecting the right service package for your vehicle.

Whilst completing more complex work on customers’ vehicles, we use a range of consumable items to meet the needs of the job. Examples of such consumable items include protective seat and steering wheel covers, maintenance and penetration sprays, greases and lubricants, top-up fluids, rags, degreasers, and gloves.

The £3 consumables fee, which includes VAT, will only apply on bigger jobs like brake and clutch work, steering and suspension tasks, vehicle servicing and timing belt jobs. The consumables fee is waived if the transaction also includes a tyre and a tyre environmental disposal fee.

With prices rising for garage consumables, we’ve now updated the way we break down the total job price to highlight the cost of consumable items to customers, whenever the fee applies.

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