What Are Run Flat Tyres?

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Run flat tyres are designed to keep you moving in the event of a puncture. They feature a reinforced sidewall to hold the weight of the car when the air pressure drops, allowing you to continue driving at a reduced speed until it is safer and more convenient to stop and get the tyre repaired.

The way your tyre pressure is monitored varies depending on your vehicle's manufacturer. Many modern cars are now fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which alerts the driver in the event of a puncture, or when the tyre pressure drops below a certain level.

How far can I drive on a punctured run flat tyre?

Your vehicle handbook will give precise guidance on how far you can drive on a damaged run flat tyre, but generally, the car should not be driven above 50mph or for more than 50 miles on a puncture.

Can you fit normal tyres to a car set up for run flat tyres?

No, you should not put regular tyres on a car set up for run flat tyres. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Run flat tyres are very hard due to the reinforced sidewall. The car's suspension is set much softer so the ride is normal for occupants. If a regular tyre is fitted then the ride will feel very soft and the handling will be adversely affected, which could present serious safety concerns. It may also invalidate your insurance.
  • As the car will not have a spare or any other way to deal with a flat tyre, when non-run flat tyres are fitted, the car will be stranded if a puncture does occur.

Can you fit run flat tyres to a car not designed for them?

No - run flat tyres should only be fitted for cars specifically equipped for them. This is because the car will not have TPMS installed and consequently the driver will have no idea if a puncture occurs. This is very dangerous and could cause a serious accident.

If your car is not set up for run flats try Bridgestone's DriveGuard tyres.

Can a punctured run flat tyre be repaired?

For safety reasons, we do not repair punctured or damaged run flat tyres at Halfords Autocentres. We have no way of knowing how far or how fast the punctured tyre has been driven, or whether the strength of the tyre sidewall has been compromised. For that reason we believe it is safer to fit a new run flat tyre than try and repair a damaged one.

How long do run flat tyres last?

Run flat tyres are designed to last as long as regular tyres. To get the most out of your run flats, we recommend inspecting your tyre condition monthly.

How much do run flat tyres cost?

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