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Your car battery is a crucial component in your car. Turn the key and the battery provides the energy for your air conditioning, internal and external lights and the radio. Another turn of the key will see your engine spark into life. Large and powerful engines need more cranking power to start.

On average your battery they should last around four years, but extreme conditions like freezing weather (or leaving the lights on by accident) can quickly see it go flat.

Whether you are looking for a Halfords’ battery, a premium replacement, or a car battery charger, we'll have what you need in stock. Selecting the right battery for your car is easy with our online battery finder. Simply enter the make, model, year, engine type and body shape of your vehicle and it will automatically provide a selection of the best batteries for you. All of the batteries we supply come with our Halfords car battery guarantee that covers you for any manufacturing defects or faults that can cause it to fail.

We’ll even fit your new battery at your local Halfords store Our in-store experts can install your new battery for as little as £15, removing and disposing of the old one, preparing you for the trip ahead. We’re proud of the planet, so we ensure that every battery is recycled, giving it a second chance. Before waving you off, our technicians check that your battery is working as it should be, leaving you free to enjoy your journey - wherever that may be.