Do my wiper blades need replacing?

It's not just rain that can have an effect on how often your wiper blades need to be replaced. Snow, ice and mud can damage the rubber, while sun exposure may cause the blades to perish prematurely. Even car wax and exhaust fumes play a role in how long your wipers are likely to last.

Don't wait until winter to check your wiper blades - good visibility is vital year-round. Keep a clear view of the road by following our wiper blade safety tips below.

How long should wiper blades last?

Wiper blades are designed to last between six months and a year, depending on a number of factors such as usage, environment, and the quality of the blades themselves. As soon as you notice a decline in visibility, wiper blades should be changed.

Signs your wiper blades need replacing

Look out for these tell-tale signs that your wiper blades need replacing:


If your wiper blades leave streaks on your windscreen they'll likely need replacing. To check, lift the wiper blade up and inspect the rubber for cracking or splitting. If the blades are free from visible damage, you may have debris such as leaves or dirt stuck on the screen.


Skipping blades are usually down to lack of use. If you've not used your wiper blades in a while (particularly in hot weather), the blade can become out of shape, causing it to skip across your windscreen.


Do your wiper blades squeak every time they clear your screen? If so, they may be assembled incorrectly. To check, gently life the wiper arm and give it a shake. If the blades move too freely they'll need tightening, whereas blades with no movement at all should be loosen.


A windscreen covered in smears is not only annoying but dangerous too. Smearing can be caused by worn blades, a dirty windscreen, or poor quality washer fluid.

Top tip: use a lint-free cloth and some white vinegar to keep your windscreen sparkling clean!

How can I make my wiper blades last longer?

To get the most out of your wiper blades:

  • Keep your windscreen clean and free of debris
  • Always scrape away any ice or snow before using your wipers
  • Keep washer fluid topped up
  • Park in the shade
  • Only use your wipers when the windscreen is wet

At Halfords Autocentres, we offer a special windscreen treatment called Duxback, designed to make the water on your windscreen bead and run off when driving at high speeds. We recommend choosing this treatment to help your wiper blades last longer. Find out more about Duxback.

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