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Halfords Triple USB Car Charger. 159 views today
  • Ports : 3x USB
  • OutPut : 2x 2.4AMP, 1x 2AMP
Halfords 2 Way Extension Socket 159 views today
  • Ports : 2x 12v
  • OutPut : 8AMP
Halfords 4-Way Multi-Socket 159 views today
  • Number of 12V Sockets : 4
Halfords Basic Twin Car Multi-socket 159 views today
  • Number of 12V Sockets : 2
Halfords Twin USB 2.5A 159 views today
  • Ports : 2xUSB
  • OutPut : 2x 2.5AMP
HALFORDS IN CAR USB SOCKET - 1 AMP 159 views today
  • Ports : 1x USB
  • OutPut : 1x 1AMP
Halfords 3 way 12V Multisocket 159 views today
  • Ports : 3x 12v
  • OutPut : 10AMP
Halfords Quad USB Car Charger. 159 views today
  • Ports : 4x USB
  • OutPut : 2x 2.4AMP, 2x1AMP
Halfords In Car Charger 159 views today
  • Cable Included : Yes

Pack some power wherever you’re travelling with a universal charging accessory from Halfords. Whether you use an iPhone or Android phone, we’ve got the right mobile charging accessories for you. From Belkin USB car chargers to Powerbanks we've got your adventure covered.

We stock a variety of accessories suitable for all phones and all budgets, including 12v in-car charging sockets, lighting cables, micro USB cables and power banks. Alongside leading brands Belkin and Juice you’ll find our Halfords’ branded USB chargers and cables that are proven to do the job.

All of our charging accessories can be purchased online for home delivery. Or use our Click & Collect service to have them ready at your choice of Halfords stores. While you’re there, you’ll find our mobile charging accessories as part of our massive range of technology. Don’t forget to check our Apple-approved iPhone accessories and Android accessories too.

If you’re using your phone in the car, do it safely with a car phone holder. Keep your phone charging and your eyes on the road, and you’ll both arrive at your destination safe, sound, refreshed and ready.