Where can I get a tow bar fitted ?

We fit tow bars on your drive or workplace with Halfords Mobile Expert. Starting from £350, we supply and fit high-quality Brink tow bars, including full wiring and programming (where required) to your vehicle's on-board computer.

Simply type in your vehicle registration number, select the type of tow bar that fits your needs, and book a fitting appointment on a day that suits you. One of our experienced technicians will come to your home or workplace to carry out the mobile tow bar fitting.

Click below to see if our mobile vans cover your area and to make a booking.

Please note: Our tow bar fitting service is currently only available in the below areas: We will be expanding the service to the whole of the UK soon.

Mobile Towbar Fitting areas covered

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B12 B13 B14 B15
B16 B17 B18 B19
B20 B21 B22 B23
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DE1 DE11 DE12 DE13
DE14 DE15 DE21 DE22
DE23 DE24 DE3 DE4
DE5 DE55 DE56 DE6
DE65 DE7 DE72 DE73
DE74 DE75 LE1 LE10
LE11 LE12 LE17 LE18
LE19 LE2 LE3 LE4
LE5 LE55 LE6 LE65
LE67 LE8 LE87 LE9
LD7 LD8 SY1 SY11
SY12 SY15 SY2 SY3
SY8 SY9 SY99


A fully fitted Tow bar can cost as little as £350. The actual cost depends on the vehicle that the tow bar is being fitted to - the design of the tow bar will be selected to meet your requirements (fixed or detachable, 7 or 13 pin electrics) and electrical coding in the vehicle may also be required. The vehicle manufacturer dictates the fixing points for all tow bars and wiring kits and on occasion this may require the removal and refitting of interior and external components (i.e. bumpers). This increases the time and therefore cost required for the installation.

Tow bars fitted by Halfords are fully tested to meet the UK & European safety standards. They have been passed by the vehicle manufactures as suitable for use with their marque and are often supplied to the vehicle manufacturers as original equipment. The electrical connections to the car are made using vehicle- specific electrical harnesses as supplied to the vehicle manufacturers.

The time taken to fit a tow bar depends on the vehicle. In some instances we may need to work on your car all day, however our fitting experts will be able to advise how long our mobile tow bar fitting installation will take once they have inspected the vehicle on the day.

In general, tow bars are vehicle- specific, hence the huge range on offer. There are a variety of different towing systems. Those fitted by Halfords are the traditional ‘Ball and Socket’, most widely used in the UK.

Using the Halfords tow bar selector, you simply enter your vehicle registration number and are then guided through the various options available.

The Halfords tow bar service recommends the use of vehicle-specific electrical harnesses, as supplied to the vehicle manufacturers. These are designed to interact with the vehicle’s complex electrical architecture, safety systems and protect the warranty, as opposed to cutting into the vehicles existing wiring and dedicated wiring harnesses. These are selected using the tow bar selection service.

In some cases, the rear crash beam is replaced by the integral tow bar/crash beam, but this is all fully tested to retain the safety of the vehicle. Occasionally the rear bumper has to be cut to allow clearance for the tow barbar, but this is typically an invisible cut out. If in doubt, please ask prior to the installation. Some vehicles require specific coding which means that some of the functions are modified when the tow bar is in use. These are safety/convenience functional changes i.e. trailer stability is activated as a safety system, reversing sensors and fog lights are disabled for convenience whilst a trailer is connected to prevent them activating continually as they detect the towed item.

Halfords will only supply and fit a tow bar and electrics purchased through the Halfords Tow Bar Service. We cannot wire tow bars that have been previously fitted elsewhere.