Car Safety Inspection

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30 point car safety inspection
  • Checks the roadworthiness of your car’s key components
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    Winter or summer, new car or used car – safety problems can arise with little warning. Keep yourself, your family and your car safe on the road by booking a 30-point car safety inspection at your local Halfords Autocentre.

    Our car safety inspection has been designed to check key components to ensure that your car is roadworthy. It’s ideal if your car doesn’t need its MOT yet or hasn’t been inspected for a while. If our ATA-trained technicians identify any faults during the inspection, then we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation outlining the work required.

    The inspection covers brakes, suspension, tyres, wheel bearings and much more. Click below for the full details about what’s included in our 30-point car safety inspection.

    1. Check the operation of the horn
    2. Check the dashboard warning lights and record any illuminated warning lights, including for ad-blue (if applicable)
    3. Check the security of seats and head restraints
    4. Check the seat belts for tears and ensure they’re working correctly
    5. Check the operation of the exterior lights
    6. Check the condition/operation of the front and rear windscreen wipers
    7. Visually check the windscreen for chips or damage
    8. Check the mirrors for cracks or damage
    9. Check the condition of the number plates
    10. Check for excessive exhaust smoke and inspect the exhaust system, including the catalyst (if fitted), for leaks, security and noise
    11. Check the condition and security of the battery
    12. Check and record the strength of the antifreeze coolant
    13. Check the operation of the washer and top it up
    14. Check and record the engine oil level
    15. Check the brake fluid level
    16. Visually check the power steering system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosion, and check the power steering level
    17. Check the correct tyres are fitted according to the side wall instructions
    18. Check and record the condition and tread depth of the tyres (including the spare)
    19. Check and adjust the tyre pressures (including the spare)
    20. Check the drive shaft gaiters for security, condition and leaks
    21. Check the steering and suspension components for leaks, wear and corrosion, including locking devices
    22. Check the steering rack gaiters for condition and security
    23. Check the wheel bearings for excessive play and roughness
    24. Check the brake pads for wear and record measurements
    25. Measure the brake discs and drums, and check for wear, cracks, corrosion, scoring and pitting (excluding internal drums)
    26. Check the wheel cylinders for leaks and operation
    27. Check the service brake shoes for wear or damage, then clean and adjust if required (excluding internal handbrake shoes)
    28. Visually check the brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosion
    29. Check the brake calipers for leaks and security, and carry out a brake boil test
    30. Check the handbrake for security, linkages and travel, then lubricate and adjust if required