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Working in partnership to recycle used bikes and provide rural African communities with the means to a better life.

Across the UK, bikes sit unused and rusting, while in parts of Africa, a bike can be a crucial tool for commuting to work, attending school, and transporting goods for sale.

Since 2013, Halfords has partnered with Re-Cycle to collect donated bikes and send them to rural Africa. To date, Halfords has gathered over 90,000 bikes that would otherwise have ended up in landfills. With over 70 Halfords drop-off locations nationwide, we are now more than ever encouraging our customers to donate their used bikes when they decide to purchase a new one.

Bicycles donated to Re-Cycle provide communities in Africa with access to:



A bike can cut journey times by as much as an hour, allowing students to travel safely to and from school with energy left to learn and time to rest.



A bike can increase a family's income in Africa by 35%. Anything traded must be transported, and a bike opens up numerous possibilities for traders.



A bike helps a person carry five times more clean water, significantly improving access to safe water and reducing disease from contaminated sources.

How it works

How it works Re-Cycle

Re-Cycle partners with organisations across five African countries, each doing inspiring and empowering work with the bicycles we send them. All their partners run bike social enterprises, ensuring that the bicycles can be repaired, distributed, and maintained long-term. This approach supports local economies and job creation.

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Our impact

Halfords collected and delivered

Halfords have collected and delivered
over 90,000 bikes to Re-Cycle

Re-Cycle has sent over 325 containers

Re-Cycle has sent over 325 containers
full of bicycles and parts, to Africa

Halfords has over drop-off locations for bikes

Halfords has over 70 drop-off location for bikes
to be donated to Re-Cycle, across the UK

History of Re-Cycle

Since the charity began in July 1997, Re-Cycle has been dedicated to a singular mission: providing bicycles to African communities in need.

History of Re-Cycle

Get involved

Donate your unwanted bike

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Drop off your unwanted bike at any of our participating stores. With over 70 stores serving as drop-off points, it couldn’t be easier.

Halfords' role in bike delivery

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Halfords will deliver your bike to Re-Cycle HQ, where it will be assessed, prepared, and loaded into a container bound for Africa.

Re-Cycle's shipping process

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Re-Cycle ships containers filled with bikes and parts to Africa. They partner with organisations in five African countries and train local mechanics to maintain the bikes.