What service does my car need?

A regular service will keep your car running safely and smoothly. During a service our technicians will check the engineering essentials such as the brakes, suspension, fluid levels and filters. Routine maintenance like this is the best way to save money and avoid expensive repairs further down the road.

Millions of drivers trust Halfords to service their vehicles every year. We offer a variety of service plans and use manufacturer-approved parts and so you can have complete confidence your car is safe for the journey ahead.

Here at Halfords, we offer three different service packages to choose from:

  • Interim Service: our Interim Service is suitable for high-mileage car users that may need more than one service a year. For example, if you are driving 2,000 or more miles a month you should get an interim service every 6 months. This is also available for hybrid vehicles.
  • Full Service: the Full Service is among the best annual services available, comprising 75 individual maintenance checks. It exceeds the recommendations made by most manufacturers for yearly inspections, refills, and replacements. It's designed to provide a year of trouble-free motoring. This is also available for hybrid and fully electric vehicles.
  • Major Service: the Major Service is our most comprehensive car service, including everything needed in an annual service as well as changing parts recommended for replacement every two years, including brake fluid (worth £37) and the cabin filter (worth a minimum of £30). This is also available for hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

A car service is crucial to keeping your car healthy and running perfectly. All manufacturers recommend your vehicle be serviced at least once a year (in some cases, sooner if you're driving lots of miles).

During a service, a technician will check over your car and ensure the essentials are working well.

An oil and filter change will keep your engine running smoothly. New air and pollen filters will help you breathe easily, and brake fluid replacement will help you stop when you need to.

Booking an MOT and service together can save you time, money, and hassle. We offer significant discounts on our joint MOT and service packages, and all work can be completed at the same time. One price, one appointment and one simple and straightforward solution.

As well as manufacturer-approved service packages, we can also offer any additional vehicle repairs and maintenance, including cambelt replacements.