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To fit Roof Bars to your vehicle, you will need three separate parts; the bars, the foot packs that attach to the bars, and *fitting kits that connect the feet of the footpack to the roof of your vehicle. Footpacks and can both be found in our Roof Box fitting page.

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    Roof bars

    Find suitable bars for your vehicle using our online checker.

  • Roof bar Fittings

    Roof bar fittings

    Fittings required to attach roof bars to your vehicle*.

  • Roof Boxes

    Roof boxes
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    Create extra storage space in your vehicle.

  • Roof box Accessories

    Rear Mount Bike Rack

    Straps, ratchets, bungees, replacement keys and more.

*You may not need a fitting kit if your vehicle had factory fitted roof bars.
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Frequently Asked

Roof bars are sold in three separate parts: the bars, foot packs to attach to the bars, and fitting kits that connect the feet to the roof. You may only need the bars and a foot pack if your car came with factory-fitted roof rails.

While fitting roof bars yourself is certainly an option, if you’d prefer to take the hassle out of the process then we can fit them for you.

There are three main types of roof bars: Square bars, Aero bars and Thule wing bars. Although many will universally fit most vehicles, it’s still important to check compatibility before you make a purchase.

To find suitable roof bars for your car, simply enter your vehicle registration number in our online checker. You’ll then only be shown roof bars that will fit your make and model of car.

Here at Halfords, we offer a range of roof boxes to meet every requirement. To find which one suits your needs, have a think about capacity and how you intend to use the box.

Also consider how you want it to open and what materials you want the box to be made from, as more cost-effective boxes are made from thinner plastics that may vibrate in the wind.

For more information, have a read of our buyer's guide.

First, you need to ensure that you’ve got a pair of roof bars installed as you need something to attach your roof box to. If your car didn’t come with roof bars as standard, then you can find a suitable (and compatible) set by entering your vehicle registration number in our online checker.

Fitting a roof box to those roof bars is a fairly simply process and the instructions that come in the box should walk you through it step-by-step. Keep in mind the weight capacity of your roof bars, the roof box itself and your car roof.

If you need a helping hand with the fitting process, then head to your local Halfords store or you can book in for a fitting online when you purchase your roof bars and/or roof box. Click here for more information on our fitting service.

We stock a range of makes and models of bike racks. Here are some key points to consider when making a decision about which rack to buy:

  • Compatibility with your car (you can check compatibility by entering your vehicle registration number here).
  • How many bikes you want to carry and what type they are.
  • Whether you still need access to your boot.
  • Whether you’d also like to be able to use a roof box and therefore need to leave space for that.

See our buyer’s guide for more information and advice to help you reach a decision.

Expert advice to help find the perfect roof bars
Expert advice to help find the perfect roof box
We want to help you find the perfect roof box, and that's why we provide expert advice in store and online


Roof Bar Fitting
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A solid set of well-fitted car roof bars open up a whole world of carrying potential. If you’re struggling to figure out what you need, use our roof bar tool. Simply enter your registration and you’ll only see the roof bars and fitting kits for your vehicle. Order online or collect instore. We can even fit them from just £20.

Your roof bars are the perfect base for a car roof box. These high-capacity carriers lock securely to the bars and can add up to 500 extra litres of storage space. We’ve got Thule roof boxes and those from brands including Cruz and Exodus. Our Halfords roof boxes have been the choice of thousands of families and holidaymakers who love their style, space and cost!