Why MOT and Service together?

Why MOT and Service together?

Nowadays, most people lead hectic lives with busy schedules, so we understand it's easy to forget to book in your annual MOT test or Service.

What are the benefits?

Keeping the anniversary of your MOT and Service together makes it much less likely that you will forget to book one or the other. Also, booking together saves you time and money, because you don't have to make two separate trips to the garage. At Halfords Autocentre, we also offer a significant discount when you book your MOT and service together.

Driving without a valid MOT can land you with a fine of up to £2,500 if your car has any serious defects, so it's really important you don't forget your test. In fact, our research* has found that nearly half of UK drivers aren't aware of the changes to the MOT test brought in May 2018, putting them at risk of a fine or points on their licence.

Meanwhile, forgetting to Service your car could result in a break down, especially if a part that needs essential maintenance fails. According to Highways England, there are 85,000 breakdowns a year on the country's roads, and of those, around 40 per cent are preventable with better vehicle maintenance.

Make sure to subscribe to our email service, we can send you reminders for your MOT and Service to reduce the risk of you forgetting.

To find your nearest Autocentre use our online garage finder, to book your MOT and Service together.

*Our annual Roadworthy Quiz surveyed more than 22,000 drivers from across the UK.

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