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If you own a diesel car, then you'll most likely have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to help reduce emissions from your car. However, with limited capacity, regular DPF maintenance is required. At Halfords, we offer a deep DPF clean and maintenance clean to keep the filter working at optimum level, so book your diesel car into a Halfords Autocentre today.'

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A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is found within the exhaust system of diesel cars. DPFs work to capture and store soot from the exhaust in order to reduce emissions. However, the filters have a limited capacity, so regular DPF regeneration is essential in order to avoid damaging your DPF and exhaust, resulting in costly repairs.

At Halfords, our friendly technicians can help you to maintain the DPF in your diesel car, with our expert DPF cleaning service.If you’re experiencing a loss of power, poor fuel economy or your cooling fans are running more frequently than normal, then your DPF may need cleaning at your local Halfords Autocentre. We offer a DPF Deep Clean and DPF Maintenance Clean across all of our Autocentres across the UK.

Our DPF Deep Clean is recommended for filters partially blocked with soot. When your DPF becomes blocked, a light will usually appear on your dashboard, which is when you should book your car in at a Halfords Autocentre for a deep DPF clean. This professional workshop treatment includes an inspection of the DPF to establish the cause and location of the blockage, a 20-minute test drive and direct flushing of the filter to rectify the issue, allowing you to get back on the road.

However, we recommend booking your diesel car in for a DPF Maintenance Clean on a regular basis - up to every 6 months. During a maintenance clean, one of our experienced technicians will remove soot from the filter in order to avoid blockages which can be harmful to your DPF and exhaust system and result in some very costly exhaust repairs.