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On average, every child travels 5,000 miles a year in a car. Child car seats, booster seats and booster cushions offer vital protection for a safer journey. For children under 135cm in height, using an adult seatbelt alone puts your child at higher risk of injury in the event of a collision, in comparison to a purpose-built child car seat or booster.

Only children aged 12 or over or who are over 135cm (4'5") in height can stop using a booster seat. Of course, they must then use adult seatbelts or restraints when travelling in a vehicle.

In theory, yes, but you'll have to check that your child car seat is compatible with the other car you want to put it into. A safe child car seat rests firmly and securely on the car's seat with barely any forwards or sideways movement. Before you head out in the second car, make sure that the seat can be fitted safely well in advance of the trip, carefully following the manufacturer's instructions.

If the child seat's not safe or won't fit into a different car then you shouldn't use it to transport your child in that car - you'll need to find another child seat.

It's not just your child's age that you have to consider when choosing a child car seat; you'll also have to consider their weight and height, as well as finding out which seat provides the most secure fit in your car. You should also think about whether your baby or child will be taking long or short journeys and if you'll need to transfer your child car seat from one car to another.

We have over 2,800 trained child car seat specialists in stores nationwide to help you choose the right seat for your child and your car. You can also take a look at our online child seats guide for more information.

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