Halfords Group 1 Isofix Child Car Seat Fitting Instructions

How to fit your Halfords Group 1 ISOFIX car seat

Here we show you step by step how to fit your Halfords Group 1 ISOFIX car seat.

Before installing any car seat using ISOFIX mounting points, check that the seat's compatible with your vehicle and that your vehicle is equipped to take an ISOFIX child seat.

Check if your vehicle has any underfloor storage compartments in the location you'll be putting the child seat. If you're unsure, please check with the vehicle manufacturer.

Group 1 (9kg to 18kg)

  1. Locate the vehicle ISOFIX mounting points for the seat location you've chosen.
  2. To release the ISOFIX arms, locate the grey release handle between the support leg and the child seat. Squeeze the handle towards you. Ensure the support leg isn't tucked underneath before placing the child seat onto the car seat.
  3. Place the child seat ISOFIX mounting arms onto the ISOFIX mounting points in your vehicle until you hear a click and the indicator turns green.
  4. Squeeze the ISOFIX arm release handle and push the seat towards the back of the vehicle seat until you make firm contact between the child seat and the back of the vehicle seat, or it reaches the limit of travel on the arms.
  5. Extend the support leg down towards the floor, once the leg has extended to the correct position, angled forwards, the indicator on the foot of the leg will turn green and there will be firm contact between the base of the child seat and the bench of the vehicle seat.
  6. Test that the seat is secure by pulling sharply on the harness, there shouldn't be any excessive movement and all the ISOFIX indicators should remain green.