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Investing in an electric bike isn't a decision that is taken lightly, but Halfords are here to help! With our free electric bike trial, you can test out an electric bike for up to 6 hours so that you can see if electric is the way forward for you. We offer nationwide store coverage for our Electric Bike Trials, test rides can be arranged by using our eBike Trial Finder to find your nearest trial store.

Please note that our colleagues in store will require a fully refundable security deposit of £/€101 and 2 forms of ID, including one photo ID to allow you to test the bike.

Sadly, we can't let non Electric Bikes out for a ride, but the majority of our stores now have static cycle trainers set up which will allow you to sit on the bike they are looking at and get a good feel for it.

From flat, it would take around 3.5-4 hours to charge a battery to 100% full, but will be around 80% full after 1.5 hours the battery automatically slows down its charging rate in the last 15-20%. Try to let the battery get to around a 30-40% charge before recharging. Most batteries are good for around 1000 recharges, so an E-bike being used for commuting so a bike used for commuting 20 miles a day should last for around 7 years.

An electric bike, or E-bike, is one which has an electric powered hub which is designed to assist with pedalling rather than powering the bike without input from the rider. When riding up a hill, the motor will activate to help you reach a better cruising speed on an incline to make it easier to ride. The hub can be located in either the front or rear wheel, or in the central hub with the pedals.

All bikes will come boxed unless specified that you would like the bike built when you order or reserve it. You may be able to pick up your bike in as little as an hour if you collect it boxed. Building adds ½ day to the collection date. All Halfords stocked bikes which can be collected in store, and premium bikes ordered online for home delivery, such as Boardman and VooDoo, have the option of being built free of charge; sadly this option is not available for Apollo and Carrera bikes. Adding delivery to a built bike will normally make the delivery time around 7 days.

We're able to get spares for the mechanical parts of the bike, such as the drivetrain chains, chainwheel, derailleurs and for the consumable parts of the bikes such as tyres, tubes and so on. Depending on the electrical part which may need replacing, our colleagues may be able to fit these in-store. If there is a fault on the bike which can't be repaired in store, the bike would be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

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