Electric Scooter Maintenance Guide

Electric scooters are a great investment and it’s worth picking up some basic maintenance tips to help you protect that investment in the long term. Luckily, we've got you covered here with our guide to electric scooter maintenance.

Maintenance tips


Taking care of your battery will maximise its lifespan and keep your e-scooter moving for longer. But what causes a battery to degrade in the first place?

Well, the majority of electric scooters feature a lithium-ion battery, and this will start to deteriorate over time due to the endless cycle of charging and discharging. Temperature can also have an impact on battery life, both in terms of when you’re using your scooter and when it’s safely tucked away for the night.

There are a couple of things you can do to help overcome these issues. First, try to avoid completely draining your battery before charging it back up to full capacity. This is what’s known as a ‘cycle’ and the more cycles your battery goes through, the less effective it becomes. Put your battery on to charge when it still has power and you’ll be prolonging its lifespan.

Second, try to avoid storing your electric scooter in an area that’s subject to extreme heat or cold. The same is true of using your scooter in such temperatures – it might cause you to see a drop in performance.

With more components than a regular scooter, you've probably got lots of questions about how to maintain an electric scooter. For more information on how to care for your e-scooter and it's battery, view our handy FAQ guide here


Your tyres are going to be doing a lot of hard work during your journeys and you can help them out by keeping an eye on your tyre pressure (air-filled tyres only) and tyre tread.

Let’s start with tyre pressure. Underinflated tyres are at greater risk of punctures, have a weaker grip and can cause excessive wear on the inner tube. So, it’s important check your tyres before every ride to make sure that the pressure is at the recommended level.

We’d also strongly recommend picking up some puncture protection fluid to help reduce the risk of punctures. This fluid acts as an immediate puncture repair and works by creating an instant permanent seal when a puncture occurs, minimising any loss of pressure and allowing you to continue on your travels. Whether you choose to apply the fluid yourself or take advantage of our installation service (as it can be tricky to remove the wheel and repair the puncture), puncture protection fluid is a cost-effective way of maximising the lifespan of your tyres.

If you do end up with a puncture and you’re not comfortable replacing the tube yourself, we’re here to help. Our puncture repair service is carried out by our expertly trained colleagues, to get you back on two wheels in no time.

To book a fitting, just find the right inner tube to fit your electric scooter on Halfords.com and select “inner tube or tyre fit” when adding to your basket, or pop into your local store and speak to a colleague.

Now let’s look at tyre tread, which affects both air-filled tyres and solid composite tyres. Considering how your tyres are the main contact point between your e-scooter and the road, it’s not surprising that they’re going to pick up some wear and tear over time. There’s not a huge amount you can do to prevent this, so you just need to keep an eye on your tyres and be prepared to replace them when needed (particularly if your scooter has a foot brake).


Speaking of brakes, they’re arguably the most important part of your e-scooter to keep in top condition. All electric scooters have different braking mechanisms, so have a read of your user manual for specific details and advice on how to maintain your braking system.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to check your brakes on a regular basis – particularly if your scooter has a disc brake. The pads of disc brakes will become worn over time and need to be replaced, while it’s likely that the disc brakes themselves will also need adjusting every so often.

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General tips

Scooter care is another essential part of scooter maintenance. Just taking the time to give your scooter a quick wipe down every now and then will help to prevent the build up dirt and grime. Use a damp cloth rather than a bucket of water and a sponge or you run the risk of causing water damage.

Another general point is don’t use your electric scooter in poor weather. As we’ve already mentioned, extreme temperatures can affect battery performance, while rain can cause damage. Add in the risks to you, the rider, in poor weather and you’re better off staying at home.

E-scooterCare plan

One of the best ways of keeping your scooter in top condition while keeping the costs down is our E-ScooterCare plan for just £45 a year. This annual plan includes:

  • Unlimited puncture repairs worth over £50​
  • Unlimited 15% off scooter and bike accessories​
  • Unlimited 15% off E-Scooter parts​
  • Unlimited brakes adjustment (worth over £30)​
  • E-scooter checks with tyres inflated​
  • Inner tube sealant service to prevent punctures - Inner tubes protected with Slime Tube Sealant

We also offer individual e-scooter repair services including:

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