What is puncture protection fluid - the features and benefits for your wheels

Nothing is worse than a puncture causing an abrupt end to your scooter or cycling adventure. But, with puncture protection fluid you’ll be able to ride harder, faster and longer than ever before.

Puncture protection fluid, sometimes called puncture protection sealant, can be added to the inside of the tyres on your bike or scooter, providing a self-sealing layer that repairs the tyre if its split.

In this guide, we describe what puncture protection fluid is, how it works and why it’s an easy and essential upgrade.

What is puncture protection fluid?

Puncture protection fluid is essentially a sealant that you install into the inner tubes of your scooter or bike tyres.

Unlike other sealants, such as foam, the liquid doesn’t expand once inside the inner tube. Instead the liquid coats the inside of the tube as the wheel rotates. As a result, when a puncture occurs, the liquid plugs the hole to prevent air loss and will do so for punctures up to 3mm deep.

The liquid can do this thanks to a special mixture of particles named Fibro-Seal technology. It’s complicated science, but incredibly clever!

How do you use puncture protection fluid?

There are three ways you can use puncture protection fluid:

  • buying inner tubes with the liquid already inside
  • buying the liquid separately and applying it yourself
  • getting Halfords to do it for you

Inner tubes with the liquid pre-installed are only currently available for bicycles, and are available to but at Halfords.com. You can find more information about how to replace and find the right sized inner tube  on our how to guide.

At Halfords, our trained technicians can apply the puncture protection liquid for you and can also replace any damaged inner tubes. You need to book a service online and bring your bike into us, and we’ll do the rest.

For electric scooters, we offer an E-ScooterCare service which includes adding puncture protection fluid to your tyres, free brake adjustments and an impressive 10% off e-scooter accessories.

You can also request this added service when you collect your scooter or bike in store. It couldn’t be easier!

How do you use puncture protection fluid?

If you’re confident you can handle it (and are happy to get a little messy) here’s how to add puncture protection fluid to your tyres.

  • Firstly, you will need to buy the puncture protection liquid! You can find the options we have available at Halfords.com.
  • Once you’ve bought the fluid, clear some space and fully deflate the tyre. You can do this by pressing down on the pin in the middle of the valve.
  • Remove the core of the valve. This is the metal cylinder in the centre of the valve. (On some presta valves, the core cannot be removed meaning you won’t be able to install the liquid and will need to use inner tubes with protection fluid ready filled instead.)
  • Your bottle of puncture resistant fluid comes with a clear tube. Connect this to the top of the bottle and the other end to your valve. Then squeeze the bottle to insert the liquid into the tyre. Make sure to follow the guidance provided on the bottle for how much to insert for your specific tyre.

And that’s it! Simply reattach the core to your valve and pump up the tyre and you’re ready to ride!

Why use puncture protection fluid?

First and foremost, puncture protection fluid reduces (but can never remove) the risk of a puncture. This means less time fixing your bike or scooter and more time riding.

of a puncture. This means less time fixing your bike or scooter and more time riding.

Secondly, puncture protection fluid is a good investment as it means your tyres will last longer. Instead of having to bin them after a rip or tear, you can continue to ride them. That’s better for your pocket and the planet.

Talking about the environment, puncture protection fluid is water-based, meaning it’s environmentally safe as well as being easy to clean up.

Great for you, your scooter or bike and the environment! What’s not to like?

Want to book a service or buy puncture protection fluid?

You can check out our range of puncture protection fluid and accessories online, or visit a store to buy what you need. If you’re looking for the simplest solution, you can book a service for your bike or scooter here, and we’ll apply your puncture protection fluid for you.

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