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You may be asking ‘what’s AdBlue and why do I need it?” AdBlue is a special liquid that’s sprayed into diesel car exhausts to reduce the amount of harmful gases released into the environment by diesel engines. 

If you’re interested in the science, the AdBlue mixture is made from urea (the stuff you find in urine) and is injected in tiny quantities into the car’s exhaust gases, where it rapidly breaks down mono-nitrogen oxides in the fumes. This helps to reduce the environmental damage caused by diesel fumes and keeps the air cleaner – which is good for us all. In particular, it cuts NOx pollution and particulate emissions. 

Your AdBlue is typically topped up as part of a service, with many drivers unaware it’s even there. If your AdBlue warning light comes on, then you’ll need to top it up quickly, or your vehicle may enter limp-home mode or even stop working at all.

Thankfully, topping up the AdBlue reservoir is easy and cheap. Our Halfords AdBlue 10l includes all the fluid you need and comes with a handy pouring spout to make refilling a doddle. 

You can find Halfords AdBlue as part of our selection of vehicle fluids and oil additives. As well as AdBlue, you can find a range of diesel injector cleaners, additives and system cleaners that will keep your car’s fuel, engine and exhaust systems clean on the inside.