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Maypole Car Trailer MP6810 - Small 159 views today
3.5 / 5 (2)
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 245kg
  • Ext. Dimensions : 73x120x82cm
Spread the cost From £16.39 per month
Limited Stock
Maypole Car Trailer MP6812 - Medium 159 views today
1.0 / 5 (1)
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 337kg
  • Ext. Dimensions : 196x127x87cm
Spread the cost From £13.09 per month
Limited Stock
Maypole Car Trailer MP6815 - Large 159 views today
5.0 / 5 (2)
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 424kg
  • Ext. Dimensions : 221x134x89cm
Spread the cost From £17.45 per month
It’s great having a car or a van with a huge carrying capacity, but how many of us really need it all the time? Car trailers allow us to increase the amount we carry. Hitch up the trailer to your towbar and fix the legal extras and trailer accessories you need (all of which you can find at Halfords) and you’ll be moving more in minutes. Our range of box trailers is provided by Erde, Europe’s number one provider of flat-packed trailers. Order online and your new trailer will be delivered to you for free over £40. You’ll need to build it yourself, but with the right tools and the right attitude, it’s a simple enough job. In a few hours you’ll be on the road and ready to go. All of the trailers we sell are built to withstand a life on our roads and in our climate. Constructed from hard-wearing materials like galvanised steel, you won’t have to worry about corrosion - even if you choose to store your trailer outside. It’s worth investing in a trailer cover and some driveway security if you’re planning on storing it outside. Driving with a trailer takes some due care and attention, so start off slow if you’ve not driven with a trailer before. Before you set off, take a look at the UK law around towing a trailer to ensure you and other road users are safe. All of our flat-pack trailers are available to buy online or Click and Collect from your local Halfords store . Shop the full range of car trailers here and buy with confidence - we’ve been helping drivers carry more for over a century!