Manufacturer Servicing

You can find below the many vehicle brands we perform maintenance on as part of our expert manufacturer car service to protect your warranty.

About our Manufacturer-Based Vehicle Servicing

At Halfords, we offer manufacturer servicing at all of our 600 Autocentres in the UK. Our friendly motor technicians have been trained to adhere to individual manufacturers’ service schedules, following the exact servicing guidelines which were issued when the car was built. We offer manufacturer servicing on all makes and models, including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Ford.

Why do cars need a Manufacturer Car Service?

The ‘Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation’ prevents manufacturers from forcing car owners to carry out their service plans at dealerships in order to uphold their warranty. It also states that each car manufacturer must make their service schedules available to all garages. This allows our trained technicians to carry out a dealership-equivalent service at a fraction of the price, all without affecting your warranty.

Benefits of a Manufacturer Service

If you want to follow your manufacturer's recommended service schedule but don’t want to pay dealership prices, then our manufacturer service plans are perfect for you. These services are tailored to the individual make, model and age mileage of your car, and we use original parts, equipment and service book stamps as standard to ensure your car warranty and resale value is maintained.

Different types of car service

You can book your manufacturer car service from Halfords online today and choose between a full service, interim service, or major service.