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Full Car Check 159 views today
Full Car Check
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High Performance bulbs
LEDriving Gen2 H7 LED Bulbs Twin Pack 159 views today
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GE (General Electric)
GE H7 477 Car Headlight Bulb 3x Longer Life Twin Pack 159 views today
From £21.90
we Fit for £37.90
GE (General Electric)
GE 382 P21W Car Bulb 3 x Longer Life Twin Pack 159 views today
From £7.00
we Fit for £17.00
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Car bulbs keep us safe and help us be seen on the roads. When they wear out, which they often do, you’ll need to replace them immediately - or face a stern telling off and a fine from the police. Thankfully, buying and fitting new car bulbs is simple with Halfords.

First, let’s start by getting you the right bulbs. If you need some information on what to look for in replacement front and rear car bulbs, our car bulb buying guide should help. If you’re shopping for a specific bulb, use our car bulb finder tool to narrow down your search.

At Halfords, we stock everything from basic-bulbs to high-performance LEDs and advanced car bulbs that will shine brighter and last longer. As well as our Halfords’ essentials, standard and advanced bulbs, we’ve also got long-lasting car bulbs from GE.

Replacing your car headlight and rear bulbs when they’ve stopped working is an essential task that every motorist should be able to do. It’s enough with the right tools and the best parts - all of which you can find at Halfords.

You can get your car bulbs delivered free to your door if you spend over £40. If you’re stuck for time, then let us do the work. Our car bulb fitting service will fit new bulbs for £5 each while you wait - that’s cheaper and more convenient than visiting your car dealer. Find a local Halfords store to take advantage.