Whether you're setting off to work on a dull winter morning or returning home on a dark night, it's vital to ensure that your car's headlights, rear lights, sidelights and indicators are working correctly. As well as helping you to see the road (and any obstacles) ahead, they also help others to see you.

If any of your car's bulbs or lights aren't working, then your car will fail its MOT, plus you'll run the risk of being stopped by the police.

Halfords bulb fitting

If you discover a faulty car light, or one of your car bulbs is not working as it should be, then you can take advantage of the Halfords bulb fitting service.

Our fitting service is quick, easy, and affordable. You can either book a slot online when you order your bulb, or simply pop into your local Halfords and we'll do the rest.

Our handy bulb finder makes it easy to find the right bulbs for your vehicle, so you can be certain that you’re getting the right parts fitted. Or if you’re popping in, we'll select the right bulb and fit them while you wait, so you’ll be fully road legal and ready for dark nights.

Which car bulbs do I need?

We stock a wide range of car bulbs to meet your needs, from fog lights to indicators. Find what you need with our range of specialised bulbs:

Brighter car bulbs

If you want to see more of the road or further ahead, then check our Halfords brighter bulbs. These bulbs shine 50%, 90%, 120%, and 130% more brightly than standard headlight bulbs. They emit a clean white light that provides greater illumination of road signs and markings and significantly increases the visibility of any potential hazard.

HID style bulbs

HID style bulbs emit a bright white light akin to natural daylight, which produces up to 30% more light on the road. Although true HID bulbs require additional modifications to your car, you can get HID- style bulbs from Halfords that look similar to the real thing. This bright white light is favoured by many drivers as it makes things easier to see on the road. Plus, it looks pretty cool!

Shop car bulbs

If you're in store, why not take advantage of our 10-Point Car Health Check? As well as assessing the condition of your headlights and brake lights, we’ll also check that your car battery and wiper blades are functioning as they should be, check oil and fluid levels, and assess your tyre depth and inflation.

Please be aware that all fittings are subject to pre-inspection in-store, and that our bulb fitting is only available on select vehicles. Please get in touch with your local Halfords for more information.