Windscreen Treatment

Make your journeys safer with the professional windscreen treatments from Halfords. Our revolutionary Duxback windscreen treatment will help you dramatically improve visibility in adverse weather conditions, as well as negating the need for windscreen wipers at speeds over 40mph. Book your Duxback windscreen treatment today at your local Halfords Autocentre.

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Driving in heavy rain can be dangerous. From reduced visibility to increased stopping distances, heavy rainfall can increase your chances of having an accident on the road. Reduce your chances of running into problems during rainfall with the windscreen treatments from Halfords.

Our Duxback car glass treatment makes driving in wet weather a little bit safer. Originally developed for airlines, Duxback causes water to form beads on your windscreen, helping to increase visibility by up to 35% in heavy rain. So much so, that if you’re driving over 40mph, you won’t even need to use your windscreen wipers as the water will run straight off your windscreen. But that’s not all - Duxback’s hydrophobic qualities prevents frost from sticking to your windscreen during the winter months, meaning you need to use less de-icer, making those winter mornings just that little bit easier.

Each treatment will last around 6 months, and takes one of our technicians around an hour to administer at one of our Autocentres. Our Duxback treatment is available for both front windows, including the windscreen and side windows, as well as a whole car treatment to keep you that little bit safer during wet weather.

At Halfords, we also offer a Windscreen Chip Repair Service. We know how easily chips can occur, leading to an impaired view and failed MOT. Luckily, our expert technicians at our Autocentres can repair most chips in as little as 20 minutes, helping you to get safely back on the road. Pop into your local Halfords Autocentres today to discuss our expert windscreen treatments.