Driveway Security

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Streetwize Parking Post 159 views today
Smartwares LED Twinspot Security Light 159 views today
2.0 / 5 (7)
  • Wattage : 22W
  • Power Source : Mains Powered
  • Motion Detection : No
Smartwares 50W LED Security Light 159 views today
3.4 / 5 (14)
  • Wattage : 50W
  • Power Source : Mains Powered
  • Motion Detection : Yes

Our driveways should be safe from thieves, but it’s all too common for drivers to wake up to find an empty space where their car, van or motorbike used to be. While it’s impossible to watch your vehicle 24/7, investing in driveway security device from Halfords can deter or disrupt a thief from their work.

Driveway lights switch on automatically when someone breaks the invisible signal it sets off. Using powerful LED lights, these sensor-activated security lights will only activate at night. While they might be set off by a cat every now and again it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get that something is always ready to shine a light on an intruder.

Spend a little more and you’ll have greater control of the device. The Smartwares 16W Robot Security Light allows you to set the light up to ensure coverage (and minimise any disruption to neighbours!). LED lights are known for their efficiency, but if you’re worried about the impact on your bills (and the planet) we’ve got solar-powered lights too.

We also stock outdoor cameras which can keep a watchful eye on your driveway. Capturing the action (or lack of it) in HD1080P, any criminals certainly won’t smile when they’re on camera. You can find all of our driveway security products online or instore. They’re all available to buy online with free delivery over £40, or to Click and Collect at your local Halfords store . If you need to beef up your protection, we stock a huge variety of car anti-theft devices too that can stop a thief in their tracks. At Halfords, we’re on your side for security.