The Best Winter Car Tyres

When the weather worsens, a set of winter road tyres can help you stay safe on the roads. Winter tyres have specially designed treads to provide grip on rain, snow and ice, allowing your car to stick safely to slippery roads. 

At Halfords, we stock a selection of affordable and effective winter tyres that are suitable for all makes and models of vehicle. In this guide, we describe how winter tyres work, why you might want a set and what are the best winter tyres.

Best Winter tyres

Before we get into the detail, if you know you want a set of winter tyres but can’t decide which to go for, here is our selection of the best winter tyres.

Performance upgrade: Goodyear UltraGrip Plus

The Goodyear UltraGrip Plus tyre is designed to keep you moving in the most challenging conditions. The intricate tread pattern (described by Goodyear as hydrodynamic grooves) is highly effective at displacing water, meaning you’re less likely to skid. Braking distances are shorter, even on slippery snow. The tyre delivers long-lasting performance too and is suitable for all-year-round conditions.

Budget-busting: Landsail Winter Lander

At just £50 a corner, the Landsail Winter Lander is an affordable winter tyre that delivers exceptional all-round performance. The v-shaped tread effectively deals with water and ensures maximum contact with snowy surfaces for terrific traction. The tyre is designed for everyday use but excels in wet and wintery conditions. Our budget choice of winter tyre.

Compact cars: Goodyear UltraGrip Plus

The Goodyear UltraGrip Plus winter tyre is also great for smaller cars. It has a tread pattern that will excel in moderate to extreme weather conditions, keeping your Micra, Mini or other small car safe when it gets slippery.

All-season selection: Vector 4 Seasons G3

The weather in the UK can change in an instant, which is why we love the Vector 4 Seasons G3. This all-season selection isn’t just a wonderful winter tyre; it’s suitable for all seasons. But don’t be fooled, it has qualified snow performance and provided best-in-class grip when it’s wet. If you want a go–anywhere, do anything tyre, this is it.

Buy four tyres from Halfords and use our mobile fitting service and you’ll save an incredible 15% off the total cost. 

Do you need special tyres in the UK?

Unlike many places in Europe, in the UK you’re not legally required to fit a set of winter tyres to your car. But that’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

The weather in the UK is changeable, with storms, snow and extreme weather events such as floods becoming more common. Winter tyres provide much greater grip, which makes driving safer. They are better able to deal with water, ice and snow that you may encounter on your travels. 

What are winter tyres or cold weather tyres?

When people think of winter tyres, they typically imagine a studded tyre that drips snow and ice. But this isn’t the case.

Winter tyres aren’t ice tyres, or snow, tyres, but are tyres specifically designed to deliver performance in challenging conditions, such as heavy rain, snow and ice. 

Winter tyres have deeper treads with complex patters that provide maximum grip. They are also better able to disperse water, which means they perform better in the wet and rain.

The great thing about winter tyres is that they perform just as well throughout the year, which means they’re a ‘fit and forget’ upgrade to the standard tyres on your vehicle. 

How do winter tyres work?

There are three benefits to winter tyres.

Firstly, winter tyres have a deeper and more complex tread pattern than summer tyres. The deeper tread pattern enables the tyre to displace water effectively and to dig down (or bite) into unstable surfaces such as snow and ice, gripping more of the road. More grip means safer driving.

Secondly, Winter tyres are created from a compound material that stays soft and flexible, even when it’s freezing. Summer car tyres can become rigid, which means they can slip on the road when it’s cold. 

Finally, the blocks on a winter tyre will vibrate as you’re driving along, shaking free of any snow or debris that may have become stuck. On a summer tyre or one with a small amount of tread, the tyre can quickly become clogged up, which makes it slippery (and highly dangerous).

Should I buy winter tyres?

If you live in a city and only use your car for a short commute or infrequent trips, then you might not need a set of winter tyres. However, if you clock up long-mileage through the year, live in the country or need to use your car every day of the year, then winter tyres are a wise investment.

Ultimately, it’s better to think of winter tyres as safer tyres. Are winter tyres worth it? At Halfords, we believe you can’t put a price on safety.

Do I need winter tyres to drive to Europe?

Each country in Europe has its own rules about winter tyres so you’ll need to do your research if you’re travelling abroad. In some countries, you may not need to have a set of winter tyres but may need to carry a set of snow chains.

You’ll need to ensure that you adhere to all local laws when you are travelling, or you could face fines and invalidate your insurance. While you may not need a set of winter tyres, it may just be better to fit them and enjoy your trip.

How can I find winter tyres that fit?

It’s easy to find a set of winter tyres for your vehicle using our tyre finder. Simply add your registration number, and you’ll see a selection of tyres that are suitable for your car. All our winter tyres can be identified by the snowflake symbol. 

Once you’ve chosen the tyre for you, we can fit them too. Buy four tyres from Halfords and use our mobile fitting service and you’ll save an incredible 15% off the total cost. 

Ready to buy your winter tyres?

If you’ve read this far and you’re interested in investing in a set of winter tyres, then Halfords is the best place. We stock a handpicked selection of winter tyres from brands you can trust, such as Goodyear, Pirelli and Bridgestone. Winter tyres start at just £50 each, and we can even fit them while you wait. 

Did you know that with Halfords Mobile Expert, we can change your tyres from the comfort of your own driveway or workplace? Simply enter your vehicle registration number and postcode online and book an appointment today!

Check out our range of winter tyres today and stay safe.

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