The Essential Family Camping Equipment List

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Packing for a family camping holiday can be stressful, and it's easy to forget the odd item. Luckily for you lot, Halfords has put together this family camping equipment list containing all the essentials.

Family camping checklist

Packing tips

You can be pushed for space when trying to fit the whole family and all the luggage into the car. If you don't have the luxury of roof bars and a roof box, make sure you can fit everything securely in the boot - you don't want it bursting open on the motorway! A good tip is to put your tent in last, as it will be the first thing you want to get out.

Also, if you pop your clothes in compression bags, it's surprising how much less room they take up.

Camping equipment at Halfords

The majority of the items on the family camping list above can be bought from Halfords. Have a browse of our online range of tents, camping furniture and camping accessories to see what floats your boat.

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