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Create the bicycle of your child's dreams with the huge range of cool bike accessories for kids at Halfords. Whether you've just bought your child's first bike , or are just looking for another way to put a smile on their face, our range of bike styling accessories has something for every child. From handlebar streamers, to bike horns for children who like to make a lot of noise - we've got something for every personality in our collection.

Our pink and silver handlebar streamers are perfect for children who love all things that sparkle. Quick and easy to fit, they'll jazz up your child's bike in an instant, adding an extra glamorous touch to any bicycle and putting a huge smile on your child's face. 

For a styling accessory that's out of this world, opt for our Green Alien Hi-Vis Stickers. These fun stickers are so easy to apply, you can even give them to your child to allow them to customise their bike exactly how they want to, transporting their bike to another dimension! These hi-vis stickers will brighten up any bike, so not only are they great styling tools, but they perfectly compliment any lights or reflectors on your child's bike, adding another visual element to ensure they're visible and remain as safe as possible whilst cycling.

Shop the entire range today to make sure your child's bike is the most stylish on the block.