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Kids bike stabilisers are a great way to build your child’s confidence when learning to ride a bike. Our bike stabilisers fit a range of wheel sizes from 12” – 20” to suit a variety of age ranges.

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£48.00 £39.99 save £8.01

Features a Balance Handle and Stabilsers for 16" Wheel Carrera Bikes, to get your little one learning how to ride safely.

Includes: Carrera & Wiggins 16" Quick Fit Stabilisers & Halfords Bike Balance Handle

£48.00 £39.99 save £8.01
Bike stabilisers are a great way of getting your child riding quickly and safely. Learning to ride a bike is one of the big accomplishments of being a child. Using a set of kids stabilisers is the perfect start to get them going as young cyclists. The Halfords range of stabilisers is designed to give your child the balance they need as they learn to ride, they come in a range of sizes so as your child grows you can still give them the support they need. The Aide kids bike stabilisers are suitable for childrens wheel sizes between 12” - 20”, they are simple to fit and easy to remove when no longer needed. You can adjust them when needed to make sure they sit just right for your child as they ride. The Aide Bike Stabilisers fit to the rear wheel axis to outside the frame for added stability. The EZ Training Suspension Stabilisers come with a suspension and shock absorbers to keep your child stable as they hit any bumps in the road. These kids bike stabilisers are designed specifically to give your child a sense of balance during the learning phase, whilst giving them confidence and improving their stability. The Carrera & Wiggins 16" Quick Fit Stabilisers are lightweight and easy to fit, and suitable for Carrera & Wiggins kids bikes. And they are ideal bike stabilisers to help your little one get started out on their cycling journey. All of the Halfords range of kids stabilisers are available to order online today, if you need any help picking the right set of stabilisers for your child, then just call into your local Halfords store , and one of our team will be on hand to help you choose. You can also take advantage of our free click and collect service and pick your kids stabilisers today.