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Your car’s brake discs take some punishment, which means that they can wear out over time. This can cause an annoying squealing sound or, in more worrying circumstances, feel your car pull to one side. Your car brake discs should be checked every 10,000 miles. A brake check is part of any MOT or service but is simple enough to do at home and if you notice any problems, replacing worn-out brake discs and other brake parts like pads is simple enough for the home mechanic. If you need replacement brake discs, you can find them at Halfords. We carry a huge range of discs and pads for all vehicles. Our car parts finder makes selecting the right disc pads simple. Enter your registration and you’ll see only the right discs for your vehicle. You can buy online and have your parts delivered to you for free if you spend over £40, or use our Click and Collect service to have the parts delivered to your local Halfords store . If you’re replacing your brake discs, it’s worth doing the pads at the same time too to ensure your brakes are performing perfectly before you set off. If you’re looking for a safe and professional fitting service for your new brake discs then head down to your local Autocentre today.