Hand Tools

Our new range of hand tools have the quality, durability and precision to handle any job.
Halfords advanced tools are covered by our lifetime guarantee.

No job need be impossible with a trusty set of hand tools in your collection. Better yet, the tools within these pages aim to help you do a better, more enjoyable job too. So extensive is the range of tool sets on offer here that you could quite easily build an entire collection from scratch with just a few clicks. It might be that you need to do a one off job such as strip some old wiring out of your electrical circuits, or carry out a car brake bleed. Or you may just need to do something simple such as hammer in some picture hooks. Whatever job you need to do with your hands, we're pretty certain that you'll find a tool to do it with right here.

Browse the Halfords Advanced range of tools and parts including our range of torque wrenches and other accessories, complete with a lifetime guarantee, alongside many of the UK's leading hand tool brands. Order online, click & collect the same day or benefit from free next day delivery on orders over £40.