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We have created an exclusive partnership with the iconic British sports car manufacturer- Caterham, to support all 5 of its UK motorsport championships including its’ flagship series the Seven Championship UK, the only national-level Caterham championship.

Using our latest range of Halfords Advanced tools, Caterham’s trackside support team will ensure the mechanical safety and competitiveness of over 100 racing Seven’s over each of its race weekends.

We are proud that the quality of our new tool range has been chosen to deliver in the heat of competition, as well as being able to offer Caterham’s race technicians peace of mind and reliability thanks to our lifetime guarantee. Our tools will enable Caterham to maintain race cars quickly and efficiently through its motorsport season.

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About Caterham

In a world where cars are becoming more technologically advanced, Caterham provides a refreshingly back-to-basics approach and focuses on the purity of traditional, mechanical motoring.

Based in Kent and Sussex, Caterham has established itself as the go-to manufacturer of lightweight, track-ready, road-going sports cars while continuing to embody a fun, and quintessentially British, personality.

Caterham cars

The trackside support we offer our racing drivers has become a key unique selling point for Caterham motorsport and something admired by other competing championships. It is made possible by the nature of the Seven and the skill of our race technicians, but this would be nothing without dependable, quality tools in which our team of technicians have ultimate faith.

That’s why we are so delighted to be supported by Halfords and its Halfords Advanced tool range.

Graham Macdonald
Chief Executive Office of Caterham and racing driver

Graham Macdonald

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