Fixing your bike can be fun, presuming you have the correct tools. The most essential tool to any home workshop is a bike stand, as this will allow you to stand your bike in the ideal position when carrying out repair or maintenance work. With Halfords beginner and expert bike stands, wave goodbye to flipping your bike upside down and damaging the handlebars. Learn more about our range below.

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  • Height Adjustments : 98.5cm - 160cm
  • Foldable : Yes
  • Load Capacity : 25kg
We can’t think of anything worse than getting a scratch on your new bike. One way to help prevent this is with a bike stand from Halfords, and whether it’s a kickstand or a traditional floor bike stand, our range has some of the best bike stands suitable for every rider. Our range of bicycle stands is split into two categories, as we offer both floor stands and kickstands. Floor stands are ideal for displaying your bike, and while holding the front or rear wheel can be used to carry out minor repair work or cleaning. Depending on your bikes wheel size, we have a versatile range of floor bike stands to cover all price points. Within our range, you’ll also find a choice of folding tripod stands from Topeak, which offer great stability and feature two adjustable mounting brackets. As well as this, we offer a floor or wall-mountable bike stand rack which is capable of holding up to 5 bikes. Kickstands are popular among all cyclists, as they are fitted to your bike and allow you to prop up your bike wherever you are. We offer a great range of kickstands to ensure your bike is in a safe, upright position. There’s something for every rider, as our range covers all price points, wheel sizes and manufacturers, with the latter consisting of Topeak, Mottez, Feedback, Super B and many more. And don’t forget, we also stock a great selection of bike work stands for anyone looking to build a home workshop. Get hold of your products sooner with Halfords delivery or free click & collect service. Or, if you’d prefer to visit one of our stores, use our store locator to find a local Halfords store . For more help & advice on everything cycle-related, head to our cycling help & advice .