Alfa Romeo Service

Enjoy huge cost savings when you book an Alfa Romeo car service with Halfords Autocentres.

Whether you drive a 147, 169, Meteo, or any other Alfa Romeo model, you can rest assured we'll keep your car running perfectly - and protect your warranty too!

  • Big savings on Alfa Romeo servicing costs
  • Your warranty is protected by law
  • Manufacturer-standard parts and trained technicians
  • 9 out of 10 customers would recommend us!*

Warranty protection

In 2003, the EU introduced Block Exemption Regulations, giving drivers more freedom to choose where they get their car serviced.

Thanks to these regulations, Halfords Autocentres can carry out Alfa Romeo servicing that meets or exceeds official service recommendations.

Our technicians only use official Alfa Romeo parts or Original Equipment-standard parts, this ensures your warranty is protected.

Can I expect quality parts?

When you visit Halfords Autocentres, you can rest assured that you're getting the same quality of service that you'd get at an official Alfa Romeo service centre. In fact, in many cases we go above and beyond manufacturers' recommendations - without the extra costs and extended waiting lists you often encounter at official dealerships.

As part of our commitment to quality, we use genuine Alfa Romeo parts wherever possible. If these aren't available, we'll use Original Equipment-standard parts instead. These OE parts are manufactured to meet the quality standards demanded by the car manufacturer.

How much does an Alfa Romeo service cost?

We're committed to offering great prices on Alfa Romeo servicing. That's why we promise you won't find the same service at a better price locally. If you do, we'll give you the difference back!•

We offer three service levels to suit Alfa Romeo models of any age and condition. We've put together this table to help you choose the service option that's right for your Alfa Romeo.

If you need help choosing the right service check out our guide to what's included in a service.

Low to average mileage

Interim Full Major
6 months
12 months
18 months
24 months

High mileage

Interim Full Major
6 months
12 months
18 months
24 months

Quality and prices guaranteed!

When we make promises, we keep them. Thanks to our Price Promise you'll never pay more than you have to. And for complete peace of mind, we offer a 12,000 mile / 12-month guarantee that's valid in all 300+ Autocentres nationwide. This applies to all work we do, from comprehensive Alfa Romeo repairs and servicing to changing a spark plug or balancing a tyre.

Manufacturer's service

As well as our menu services, we can provide a manufacturer's service - in other words, servicing that follows Alfa Romeo's service recommendations exactly. In very rare cases, you may need to book a manufacturer's service to keep your warranty valid. To get a quote, contact your local Halfords Autocentre.

Need an MOT?

Take a look at our combined MOT and service offers to save even more.

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* Based on 4000 customers completing a feedback form every month.

• If you find the same goods or service cheaper within 3 miles of the autocentre and within 7 days, we will refund the difference.

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