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Mountain bike shorts are perfect for all types of mountain biking as they are made of durable fabric that is hard to tear away when you’re riding on uneven terrain, constantly hitting bumps and rocks. These shorts come with different properties such as padding, waterproof and bagginess - so rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Tackling bumps, jumps, mountains and more is all part of the fun when riding off-road, but the constant strain on our bodies and bums makes investing in a set of MTB shorts is a great idea. Specially designed mountain bike shorts provide protection, but baggy cycling shorts also give you the freedom to move and manoeuvre your bike that tight-fitting bib shorts don’t. 

MTB shorts like the heavy-duty O’Neal FR Blocker shorts are made from durable, tear-resistant material meaning they’ll stand up to (almost) anything you can throw your bike at. The removable hip protectors provide crucial crash protection if you come off. Instead of tight-fitting lycra that huge the body, MTB shorts use an elasticated waistband and ratchet-straps to stay in place. 

At Halfords, we stock both men’s MTB shorts and women’s mountain bike shorts as well as a massive range of other cycling clothing and bike accessories. Check out our mountain bike clothing buyers guide if you’re unsure. You’ll also find a superb selection of men’s and women’s mountain bikes  to choose from. You can shop online or visit a local Halfords store to check out our mountain bike shorts, bikes and accessories designed for adventure.