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Halfords Etch Primer 500ml 159 views today
  • Usage : Enamel and Automotive Paints
Halfords Bodyshop Primer Black 159 views today
  • Expert Coverage : Yes
  • Better Adhesion : Yes
  • Professional Finish : Yes
U-POL Acid #8 Etch Primer 159 views today
  • Usage : Galvanised Steel and Aluminium
Halfords High Build Primer 500ml 159 views today
  • Usage : Enamel and Automotive Paints
Halfords Graphene Anti-Corrosion Primer 159 views today
  • Corrosion Resistant : Yes
  • Quick Drying : Yes

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U-POL Weld #2 Primer 159 views today
  • Usage : Zinc and Copper
Hammerite Red Oxide Primer 500ml 159 views today
  • Usage : Interior and Exterior

Paint primers provide a slightly abrasive surface for your car’s spray paint to stick to. Without a primer, your spray paint will just slide away. At Halfords we stock anti-rust primers, etch primers and specialist primers that will provide the right basis for your paint restoration project.

You might need a primer after filling a dent or hole, sorting out a scratch or if you’re planning on a complete respray. As well as standard primers, we sell etch primers that work by using an acid to adhere to your car’s surface. They cure faster and are preferred by the trade. We also have anti-rust primers that will ensure your repair doesn’t degrade over time.

Our primers are part of our comprehensive range of car paints and body repair products , all of which you can buy online. We stock a wide variety of colour-matched car spray paints car spray paints and paint restorers that will have your car looking as good as new.