7 Ways To Improve Your Fuel Consumption Today

Buying a more fuel efficient car might seem like the best option to cut your fuel bill, but better mileage isn't always guaranteed. There're a number of relatively cheap things you can do at home to drastically improve your MPG, without the costly outlay of buying a new car. Try these tips and tricks to improve your fuel consumption today.

Incorrect tyre pressure is not only unsafe - it could be costing you a small fortune in fuel. The lower your tyre pressure, the more fuel your car will use to push them around, so keep them pumped up appropriately to reduce fuel consumption. A correctly inflated tyre will also help to maximise its lifespan.

If yours are almost worn, we suggest investing in tyres with a low rolling resistance - shop tyres.

Stuck in traffic? Turn your air conditioning system off. Your air con puts extra strain on the engine to keep the car cool, so open the window at low speeds instead. On the other hand, if you're driving faster, close the window and turn the air con on - this will help to reduce drag and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Check fuel prices online before you fill up - by doing your research, you can be sure you're getting the best price in your area, without the need to waste time and money driving between stations. Have a look for loyalty schemes too. Many supermarket petrol stations now offer points as you spend, to redeem at the pump or in-store.

If you've got a long drive ahead, have a look online to see which route is most fuel efficient.

This one's not rocket science - removing extra weight from your car can significantly improve your fuel economy, so empty your boot of stuff you don't need, and remove any extra equipment such as roof or bike racks when you're not using them.

Driving around with the added weight of a full tank of petrol will itself burn more fuel, so next time try filling the tank up half way. Similarly, driving with very little fuel may damage your catalytic converter - a costly part to replace. Fill up before the warning light comes on.

Slow down! Driving at high speeds is going to empty your fuel tank in no time - if you're regularly driving over 65mph you'll be burning excess fuel as the car works harder to fight drag.

The harder you press the pedals, the more fuel you're using. Try to accelerate and brake smoothly where you can to get better MPG.

Keeping up with regular car servicing and maintenance may seem like a hassle at the time, but chances are it'll save you a lot of money in the long run. Replacing a clogged air filter, worn spark plugs or old engine oil will all help to improve your MPG. Regular servicing will also help to retain the value of your vehicle when you come to sell. At Halfords Autocentres, our Interim, Full and Major Services include these items as standard, so save money and book today.

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