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If road bike riding is leaving you sore and in pain, then check out our range of cycling lotions and cycling creams. Riding for long periods in lycra can cause unwanted and unnecessary pain as repeated movements result in painful sore patches.

Applied directly to the skin underneath your cycling shorts and cycling clothing, chamois cream provides a personal protective layer– leaving you feeling fresh after the longest of journeys. Sometimes called cycling chafing cream, chamois cream is the not so hidden secret that has helped generations of riders enjoy extended rides on the road.

At Halfords, we’ve got a selection of cycling personal care products that are safe to use for men and women. You’ll find chamois creams from leading brands such as Muc-Off that are loved by reviewers and riders. It’s designed for road bike riding, but there’s no reason you can’t use it for type of cycling.

You’ll find our range of cycling creams and cycling lotions as part of our incredible selection of bike accessories. Whether you ride a top of the range Boardman bike or a worn-out winter hack, our cycling personal care products will keep you happy and healthy as you ride.