How to Puncture Protect your Scooter Tyres

Using puncture protection liquid is one of the best ways to prevent punctures on electric scooters with pneumatic air-filled tyres. As soon as a puncture occurs, the inner pressure of the tyre pushes sealant into the cavity. This creates an instant permanent seal which minimises any loss of pressure and acts as a puncture repair. Do this little bit of prep before you head out and you'll be all set for hours of scootering fun!

What you'll need

Here are the different bits and pieces you'll need before you get started.

  • Puncture protection liquid
  • A small flat blade screwdriver
  • A pump
  • A tyre pump adaptor
  • A clean cloth
  • Gloves

Step 1: Deflate the tyre

The first thing to do is remove the valve cap and use the flat blade of the screwdriver or another flat object to press the valve to deflate the tyre.

Step 2: Remove the inner tube valve core

Next, use the Valve Core Tool to remove the inner tube valve core. The tool looks like a small cap with two grips on the end and comes with the puncture protection liquid. Use it to unscrew and remove the valve core. Put it aside and keep it safe as you'll need it later.

Step 3: Insert puncture protection liquid

Once the valve is removed, squeeze the manufacturers recommended amount of puncture protection liquid into the tyre using the connector provided. The liquid stays in fluid form within the tyre.

Step 4: Clean and re-insert the inner tube valve core

Remove the connector and clean up any excess liquid with a clean cloth. When you're happy it's clean, use the Valve Core Tool to re-insert the valve that you put aside earlier. Take your time doing this and take care when threading it back into place.

Step 5: Pump, cap and spin!

It's time to pump up the tyre using your pump and you may need to use the pump adaptor depending on whether your tyres have Presta or Schrader valves. Once you've done that, re-attach the valve cap and give the tyre a good spin to allow the liquid to evenly disperse around the tyre.

You're good to go!

Once you've done this for both tyres you're good to go. Remember this process only applies to pneumatic tyres. If you'd rather someone else do the hard graft for you that's what we're here for!

We’re experts in electric scooter repair and maintenance, so just bring your scooter into your local Halfords and a member of the team will be happy to help.