The Best Hybrid Bikes

Giving riders the best of both worlds, hybrid bikes combine elements of road bikes and mountain bikes to create something that performs well on both paved surfaces and gravel paths. Some hybrids are closer to mountain bikes, with thicker frames and wider wheels, whereas others are closer to road bikes, with flatter handlebars and lightweight frames.

Choosing the best hybrid bike can be tough, with lots of manufacturers, styles and shapes out there on the market. We've picked through four of the best to help you to choose a hybrid bike that suits your needs and comes with plenty of recommendations.

Best hybrid bike for beginners - Carrera Parva

Carrera bikes offer a lot of value for money, and this entry-level hybrid is no different.

Despite being at the lower end of the price range, the Carrera Parva is a great beginner's hybrid bike. It offers a light yet solid aluminium frame along with durable hardware such as Tektro V-Brakes and Shimano Tourney gears to help you get up those hills.

The Parva also features larger 27.5-inch wheels, so you can achieve road bike speeds that wouldn't be possible on a smaller-wheeled mountain bike.

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Best affordable hybrid bikes – Apollo Transfer and Apollo Excelle

If you’re planning a leisurely journey along cycle paths and roads then you’ll need a bike that’s comfortable and easy to ride, such as the Apollo Transfer or Apollo Excelle.

Both bikes have 700c wheels, slicker tyres and rigid forks that allow for less rolling resistance on flat surface. They also have space for mudguards and pannier racks, which can turn the bikes into more than capable commuters.

With their relaxed riding position and simple-to-use components, the Apollo Transfer and Apollo Excelle are great all-round companions.

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Best off-road hybrid bike - Carrera Crossfire 2

Fitting into the category of hybrids that are closer to mountain bikes, the Carrera Crossfire 2 features a thicker frame, Tektro mechanical disk brakes and 700c puncture protect tyres that are capable of handling tough trails and bumpy surfaces with ease.

The bike also comes with extra-durable Suntour suspension front forks, which will absorb all of the shocks and bumps that come with rocky or root-filled trails.

When you add in an up-right seating position for extra comfort and a 24-speed Shimano gear that will let you build up a decent amount of speed, the Carrera Crossfire 2 becomes a great all-round choice for both on-road and off-road.

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Best hybrid bikes for the pros - Boardman HYB

Boardman has a reputation for producing high quality bikes, and the company’s hybrid range is no exception.

The bikes in the Boardman HYB series, including the 8.8 and 8.9 variants, are packed with premium features that make them a pleasure to ride.

They offer a super-lightweight aluminium frame, full carbon forks and a Shimano Deore gear set that will let you crank up the speed on the roads. Meanwhile, thick Schwalbe Citizen tyres and Shimano hydraulic brakes will help you to keep your bike under control on slippery countryside descents.

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Hybrid bikes at Halfords

You can find our full range of hybrid bikes on There are numerous manufacturers to choose from, as well as multiple colours, features and customisation levels.

If you’re not sure which hybrid bike is right for you, then check out our Hybrid Bikes Buyer’s Guide. The guide contains loads of information and advice to help you find a hybrid bike that perfectly meet your needs.

Halfords bike building service

Once you’ve chosen your new hybrid bike, why not leave the hard work to the professionals and let us build it for you? Just select the ‘build my bike’ option during the online checkout process or speak to one of our in-store colleagues.

It takes all of the hassle out of the process and ensures that your new bike is built safely and is ready for you to ride away. You can find out more about our bike building service here.

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