What are Fixie Bikes?

Fixed gear bikes have been around as long as cycling, but they've recently become more popular as they're so well suited to riding around town.

A 'fixed gear' bike has just one gear and no freewheel. This means that when the back wheel turns, the pedals are always turning. However, most fixies have a 'flip-flop' hub, which lets you have a fixed gear on one side and a freewheel on the other. If you want to be able to stop pedalling while you roll along, you can swap between the two and still enjoy the benefits of single speed riding.

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Why ride a Fixie

  • Looks - Let's get this one out of the way first - they look good! Stripped down to just the necessities, and normally with a classic style, fixies have a minimalist look that's hard to beat.
  • Low maintenance - Without any gears, and with a simpler hub, there's much less to service on a fixie. There are no gears to slip between, and no shifts to miss, so they're great in the winter when your geared bike might be suffering.
  • Robust - No gears also means no worries about your derailleurs being bent out of alignment by someone else's bike on the bike rack. You can give them a beating and they'll just keep working!
  • Lightweight - Single speed bikes are generally much lighter than geared ones, as you might have guessed. As well as being a nice bonus when you're riding, that means they're much easier to carry up stairs, lift up kerbs and generally manhandle around, which makes a big difference when you're running errands!
  • Fast - Fixed gear bikes are almost always road bikes, meaning they're able to nip around really quickly, getting you the most speed for the least energy.
  • Fun! - Riding without gears is a really fun way of getting out on a bike. There's less to worry about beyond just riding, and the simple bikes are much better for playing around on.

As you can see, a fixie is a great option for riding around urban environments, and doing lots of short trips.

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