How to Find the Right Size Road Bike

Which size bike do I need?

Getting the right sized bike will keep you both comfortable and cycling safely and efficiently. Here's a quick guide to help you pick a bike that's right for you.

Before you start shopping, it's definitely worth checking out our online size guide. All you'll need is your height and we'll be able to give you an instant estimate on the frame size that's right for you.

What if I’m in-between frame sizes?

You might find that the results you’re getting from bike sizing charts or our bike size calculator seem a little inconclusive and you’re being offered two different frame sizes. What this means is that you’re effectively between sizes, and both the larger and smaller frames would be suitable.

So how do you narrow it down to find the best sized frame for you? Well, the key measurement is ‘reach’. This is basically how long the bike feels when you’re in the riding position. Your reach is influenced by your upper body length (also known as your ‘trunk length or sitting height).

If your trunk length is longer than average, then we’d recommend the larger of the two sizes that you’ve been given. If your trunk length is shorter than average, then go for the smaller of the two sizes instead.

How can I set up my bike for my riding style?

Once you've found the right frame size that you'll need, you can start making adjustments to get your bike set up for your preferred riding style.

If you're planning longer, more relaxing rides, you may want to adjust your bike so you're in a more up-right position. Try adjusting your saddle with your hex key or multi-tool to a 30-degree angle between your hip, knee, and ankle. This will be more comfortable over a longer ride.

If you're looking to build up some speed on a performance bike however, you may want to angle your seat forward, allowing you to get more power when you're working hard while still in the saddle.

Where can I get further help and advice?

If you need a hand to ensure you're picking the right bike, then pop into your local Halfords store and chat with one of our bike experts. We'll be more than happy to help you find the right frame size, and we can also build your new bike to suit your riding style.

We also offer CycleCare, which is a great way of keeping your bike in peak condition even after plenty of miles. CycleCare includes a huge range of services covering everything from your brake cables to your chainset. You can find out more about CycleCare here.

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