Electric Hybrid Bikes Buyer's Guide

Electric hybrid bikes pack in the best bits of a road bike and a mountain bike, as well as a powerful electric motor to provide pedal assistance. Convenient as a commuter, terrific as a tourer and ideal for adventures, an electric hybrid is the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything bike.

If you’re thinking of getting an e-bike but don’t know where to start, Halfords is here to help. In this electric hybrid bikes buyer’s guide, we’ll explain what an e-bike is and how to find the right bike for your riding style.

What is an electric hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes combine the best aspects of road and mountain bikes into one unique package. Rugged frames, extended gearing ranges, wide tyres, and the ability to fit essential extras such as mudguards and a pannier rack mean a hybrid offers unrivalled versatility. A hybrid bike is equally at home on your urban commute as they are on a weekend ride around the countryside.

Electric hybrid bikes are the same as a normal pedal-powered hybrid, but with the addition of a motor that assists while you ride. That means no more struggling over hills or arriving at work exhausted. The battery-powered boost can help you ride longer than before, which is why they’re an ideal choice for commuters, leisure riders and tourers alike.

Electric bike motors will power you to speeds of 15.5mph, which is the legal limit. You’re in charge of the power and the assistance, with most electric hybrid bikes allowing you to choose how much pedal power support you receive.

Why buy an electric hybrid bike

Electric hybrid bikes are versatile, convenient, and equally adept on a commute, touring adventure, or relaxed leisure ride. But that’s not all. There are lots of reasons why you should consider an electric hybrid bike as your next bike:

They make cycling accessible for everyone

Pedal assistance reduces the fear of cycling and adds more fun. The battery-powered motor provides extra assistance, meaning riders of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy life on two wheels. As your fitness and confidence increase, you can use less motor power and more pedal power.

They cut time, costs, and stress from every commute

An electric hybrid bike makes commuting to work easier and more accessible than ever. On busy city streets, you’ll be able to cut through the traffic faster than cars and public transport, and if you’re worried about cycling long distances on your commute, an electric bike can take the fear out of the journey and the sting out of the legs. Over time, you can build up your strength and stamina, and you’ll find yourself using less assistance (and needing to charge the battery less often).

Arrive fresh

A standard ride to work can leave you tired and sweaty, but with an e-bike, the motor can take most of the strain for you to keep you feeling fresher for longer. You can even cycle in your work clothes - great if you’re heading to a meeting or don’t have showers at work.

The future of urban transport

In busy cities across the UK, bikes are the future. An electric hybrid bike is a genuine alternative to owning a car, especially in congested towns and cities where travelling, even short distances, can take hours.

Many cities are now introducing clean air zones too, which means additional charges for those driving – something you can avoid by riding an electric bike.

How to select the proper electric hybrid bike?

Before shopping for a new electric hybrid bike, it’s worth doing some research to understand more about the features of an e-bike.

Here are some of the choices you’ll need to make:

Motor and battery size

When assessing e-bike options, consider the size of the motor and the capacity of the rechargeable battery. The bigger the battery, the longer it will provide powered assistance, but the pay-off is the increase in weight. If you’re planning on touring with your bike, we suggest you invest in a bigger battery capable of propelling you and your luggage. Although, a lighter bike with a smaller battery may be a better choice if you have a short commute.

Before buying an electric hybrid bike, carefully consider the range you need to cover on each ride (or round trip). Remember that the range figures given are estimates and will be affected by the terrain you ride, the level of assistance, rider weights, and weather conditions.

As with everything, you get what you pay for. At the top of our e-bike range is the spectacular Boardman HYB 8.9E Mens Hybrid Electric Bike. This hardwearing hybrid packs a lightweight Fazua Evation drive system, which delivers smooth power for an average of 25-30 miles, but you’ll get up to 60 miles in ideal conditions.


There are two common types of electric hybrid bikes: step-through frames and crossbar frames. For easier commuting, you can also get a folding electric bike – find out more about those here.

Step-through frames have no crossbar running along the top, which means you can swing your leg through the frame without having to raise it too high, meaning they’re easy to get on and off of. One of our most popular electric bikes, the Pendleton Somerby’s low step-through frame makes the bike a convenient and practical choice.

Hybrid bikes with a crossbar are more like traditional mountain bikes and road bikes. They’re sportier and usually handle better than step-through models. A great example, the Carrera Subway has a crossbar and packs a lot into an impressive package.


A suspension fork will soak up the lumps and bumps of the surface you’re riding on, including off-road tracks.

If you’re planning on using your hybrid off the road, on towpaths, mixed-use paths, cycle paths and bridleways, then we’d recommend seriously considering a hybrid with a suspension front fork.

Features you’ll find on a hybrid electric bike

Electric hybrid bikes have specific features designed to make long-distance rides both on and off-road more comfortable, including flat handlebars, disc brakes, and wide tyres.

Here are some of the common features you’ll see on electric hybrid bikes:

Flat handlebars

When riding through urban areas while commuting, you want to be comfortable, and that’s why most hybrid bikes are fitted with flat handlebars.

Flat bars provide a comfortable, upright riding position that is pleasant for covering long distances, cutting in and out of traffic, and nipping around obstacles. An upright riding position is also better for riding on busy roads, providing better visibility of the road ahead so you can easily spot emerging dangers.

Disc brakes

From road to mountain bikes, disc brakes are the most popular braking option thanks to their superior performance in all conditions – and that’s why most electric hybrid bikes come equipped with them.

You’ll find either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes on most bikes. Mechanical brakes use a simple cable tension system to bring you to a stop, and while this means there’s’ less to go wrong, it can also limit your stopping power.

A hydraulic system uses pressurised fluid to amplify the pressure of your fingers on the brake lever. This gives you more control and allows you to stop quicker while exerting less energy to brake. Just be aware that any air that gets into the system will reduce your stopping efficiency.

The Carrera Subway Men’s Electric Hybrid uses hydraulic disc brakes that are high-performance, low-maintenance and work in all weathers – making them ideal for on and off-road rides.

A great example, the disc brakes fitted to the Carrera Subway Mens Electric Hybrid  are high-performance, low-maintenance and work in all weathers – making them ideal for on-road and off-road rides

Wide tyres

Most electric hybrid bikes are comfortable to ride in all conditions and can tackle everything from smooth tarmac and cobbled streets to canal paths – and one of the big reasons for this is their wide tyres.

Many are fitted with tyres that are wider than road bike tyres but narrower than mountain bike tyres. This extra rubber between the wheel and road helps to absorb vibrations as you ride along. When you need to head off-road onto gravel, shale or even mud, they’ll provide the grip needed to keep you stable.

Mudguards, pannier racks, lights, and kickstands

When it comes to riding around town or commuting to work, convenience matters, and that’s why most hybrid bikes have mounts for mudguards and panniers. Some commuter hybrids even come with these essentials already fitted.

You may also see fixed lights on hybrid e-bikes. It’s becoming a common feature because most e-bike power systems have a separate lighting circuit that you can control from the e-bike display unit.

The benefits are better visibility, and you’ll never need to worry about replacing your light batteries.

Ready to shop for a new electric bike?

At Halfords, we have a wide range of electric hybrids in stock and ready to ride. You can shop the entire range online, get exclusive deals, and access affordable finance options.

Battery Internal 367 WH providing up to 50 miles of assistance Internal 367 WH providing up to 50 miles of assistance Internal 496 WH providing up to 75 miles of assistance
Display LED - Light Display LCD - Screen Display LCD - Screen Display
Gears 1 9 10
Brakes V-Brakes Mechanical Disc Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  USB charging allows you to charge other devices from the USB port on the display USB charging allows you to charge other devices from the USB port on the display
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