A guide to Bosch e-bike motors and batteries

Bosch is known as one of the world’s biggest engineering brands, but did you know they made electric motors for bikes?

In fact, Bosch has been building electric bike motors for over 10 years. Alongside Shimano and SunTour, it has been leading the development of the technology.

If you’re interested in buying an electric bike, it’s likely to be powered by a power unit from one of the big three. Together, they cater to all price points and all types of electric bike.

Back to Bosch. The German powerhouse has gained a reputation for creating motors that are powerful and efficient. In this guide, we introduce you to the Bosch range of electric bike motors, batteries and displays.

For more information on how to maintain your e-bike battery, take a look at our article on Electric Bike Safety Tips including how to charge an e-bike battery safely. Remember to always buy an e-bike from a reputable retailer that meets UK safety standards.

Inside Bosch electric bike motors

At the heart of every e-bike system is a motor. All Bosch motors are located in the crank, where your feet meet the pedals. In the trade, this is called a mid-drive motor.

Locating the motor at the bottom of the frame means its weight sits at the lowest point of the bike, which makes the bike feel stable both on the road and on off road tracks.

Bosch motors are powerful, and when switched on will provide a welcome assist to the pedal stroke. Riders find the power assistance provided by Bosch motors to feel natural – like a welcome push of power, not a surge of speed.

Bosch motors can provide assistance up to a top speed of 15.5mph, the legal limit here in the UK. You can choose from four different modes of power (turbo, sport, tour and eco) depending on whether you want to conserve energy and extend battery range, or need extra support to tackle a hill or get you home.

While you’re riding, the computer inside a Bosch electric bike motor measures power (torque), speed and acceleration more than 1000 times a second. It uses this information to help manage the power delivery, making the power provided by the motor feel as natural as possible.

Bosch e-bike motor range

There are five different types of Bosch e-bike motor. Here we provide a bit more information on each of them.

Performance Line CX

Performance Line CX

Performance Line CX is Bosch’s most powerful motor that’s designed to be used on electric mountain bikes. The motor provides power directly through a traditional chainring at the front of the bike. If you’re looking to upgrade, it’s an incredible 48% smaller and 1kg lighter than the previous model.

This motor is super-powerful and can deliver up to 340% assistance, which is perfect for hills, trails and off-road rides.


Performance Line

Performance Line

The Bosch Performance Line motors are designed for road riders who want access to substantial power when they need it. It’s a bit heavier and bigger than the Performance Line, but packs some serious power into the package, delivering 65nm (translation: that’s a lot from a small motor).

As well as being a sturdy and robust motor, it’s quiet too – so nobody needs to know you’re using it!


Active Line Plus

Active Line Plus

Bosch designed its Active Line Plus motors for commuters and longer weekend leisure rides. Quiet as a whisper and packing enough power to get you to the office and back, it’s a sensible choice for the rider who wants reliability and performance.



Active Line

Active Line Plus

Bosch’s lowest-priced power unit provides well-controlled acceleration and rider-assistance, delivering 40nm of torque (power) and 250% support in turbo mode.

It’s anything but entry-level.

Cargo Line

Cargo Line

Designed specifically for large cargo bikes, Bosch’s Cargo Line motor makes carrying large loads a doddle. Extremely powerful, the motor will provide support for cargo bikes and loads that weigh up to an incredible 250kg!



Bosch electric bike batteries

Every electric bike needs a battery, and Bosch supplies them as part of its package.

The size and strength of your battery (measured in wH or simply watts) will affect the range of an electric bike. Batteries can have different charge times, and the position of the battery on the bike can affect how the bike handles too.

Bosch offers three battery types. Here’s a brief introduction to the Bosch battery range.

Integrated battery

Slim and compact, built-in batteries can be incorporated inside the frame – which means no bulky battery packs on display!

Sometimes called PowerTubes, Bosch offers 400w, 500w and 625w versions. Integrated batteries aren’t cheap and are usually found on high-end mountain bikes.

Frame battery

Bulkier than an integrated battery, frame batteries sit on, or in, a bike’s downtube (the tube below the saddle that leads to the pedals).

Bosch calls these PowerPacks and sells them in 300w, 400w and 500w sizes. You’ll find Bosch frame batteries on electric hybrid bikes, electric mountain bikes and even electric folding bikes.

Rack battery

SIt’s impossible to use frame batteries on a step-through bike, so Bosch designed the rack battery. It’s located on the rear rack and comes in 300w, 400w, 500w versions.

What distance can I travel on my battery?

So how far can I ride with a Bosch e-bike? That’s a question we get asked all the time, and it’s difficult to answer accurately.

For each electric bike, you will find an estimated maximum range, but this is a calculation based on some assumptions.

Thankfully, Bosch has done the hard work for us and you, with its e-bike range assistant you can calculate your range based upon your weight, effort and the speed you want to achieve. See it in action on our e-bike hub.

Which electric bike motor is right for me?

Choosing an electric bike can be tough with so much technical information out there.

If you need some advice on electric bikes from the experts, then visit our e-bike hub where you can find information on different types of electric bike, including electric mountain bikes and hybrids.

Here you can also find the e-bike range assistant to help you understand the range of an e-bike battery for your next route!

If you’d prefer to get up close and personal, then visit a Halfords store where you can see a range of electric bikes. Our trained technicians will be answer any questions you may have and help you select the right e-bike for you. It’s what they do best.