Important Information About Your Carrera Impel Electric Bike

To ensure optimum performance of your Carrera impel e-bike battery, we recommend completing regular firmware updates including ensuring that you have the latest version of the firmware before your first ride.

When you first take delivery of your Carrera impel e-bike we recommend charging the battery fully to 100% to ensure that shipping mode is deactivated. We also recommend ensuring you have the latest firmware which can be done in one of two ways...

If updating the firmware at home*

  1. The first step is to download the Hyena Rider Assistant app which is available on both android and apple devices
  2. Make sure your Bluetooth is activated on your mobile device and pair it with your Carrera impel e-bike
  3. Once paired with your Carrera impel you will receive a notification to inform you that a new firmware update is available
  4. Proceed to install the firmware. The Carrera impel will automatically shut down once the firmware has been installed
  5. There will be a progress bar on the app to inform you how far along the installation process is, once you have reached 100% you will be instructed to turn the bike back on
  6. You’re all done! Get yourself out there and enjoy the ride

* If you experience any issues with updating the firmware through your Hyena Rider Assistant app at home then please contact your local Halfords store.