Carrera Cosmos Kids Bikes Buyers Guide

Carrera’s newest range of kids’ bikes has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited. Building on their award-winning and popular range, the new models are all built with top components and are specially designed for younger riders, helping them learn and explore on two wheels.

Want to find out more? Here’s a full guide to the new range.

About Carrera

With over 25 years of experience, Carrera has a reputation for creating exceptional bikes that don’t cost the earth.

Every Carrera bike is designed and tested in the UK and their range of kids’ and junior bikes caters for all ages, from age three all the way until they’re tall enough for their first adult Carrera bike!

No matter how old or experienced your child is, there is a Carrera specifically designed and developed for their needs, whether it’s a first bike or a trail-ready mountain bike.

Their kids’ bikes are specially designed for younger riders and there are options for first-time riders through to confident off-road explorers.

Want to find out more? Here’s a guide to the newest range of Carrera kids’ bikes.

Before exploring the new range, don’t forget to check out our kids’ bike size guide so you know which bike size is best for your little one.

Carrera Cosmos Kids Bikes

There’s nothing more exciting than getting your first bike. It gives children independence and gets them outside into the great outdoors. When your child first starts their two-wheeled adventures, they’ll need a suitable kids’ bike, and Carrera’s range of Cosmos kids’ bikes is the best place to start. With options for first-time riders through to 7 years of age, each bike is designed to be light and easy to use, making it as easy as possible for your little one to learn key riding skills.

Carrera Cosmos Balance Bike – 12-inch Wheel (First Bike)

Balance bikes have quickly become one of the most popular ways to teach a child to ride a bike – and for good reason! As the name suggests, they help teach a child balance and that’s why they’re kept as simple as possible with no saddle or drivetrain.

As you’d expect, the Carrera Cosmos balance bike benefits from a market-leading design and comes with components specially designed for toddlers. Every aspect of the bike is carefully designed, including a lightweight frame that’s easy to control and manoeuvre, an adjustable brake lever, and a lightweight, one-piece, Carrera-designed handlebar with narrow grips which is perfect for kids’ hands.


  • Lightweight aluminium frame is easy to control and can handle any tumbles, plus it features a cool new design that your little one will love.
  • A mini V-brake helps bring your little one to a safe stop.
  • Kids’ saddle and an adjustable seatpost that can be altered for the perfect fit.
  • Whether it’s smooth tarmac or adventures at the local park, air-filled tyres ensure a smooth ride.
  • Benefits from an adjustable brake lever and a lightweight, one-piece handlebar with narrow grips which is specially designed for smaller hands.

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Carrera Cosmos Kids Bikes

Sizes and Colours:

  • Blue - 14-inch wheel for 4 to 6 years of age
  • Silver - 14-inch wheel for 4 to 6 years of age
  • Purple - 16-inch wheel for 5 to 7 years of age
  • Blue - 16-inch wheel for 5 to 7 years of age

Lightweight, easy to control and packed with top components, the Carrera Cosmos Kids’ Bikes are great for those progressing from a balance bike or already confident riding without stabilisers.

At this early age, riding needs to be as simple as possible, and that’s why the bikes have 1-speed gearing.

Comfort is also important for building confidence on the bike and each bike is specially designed for young riders, with lightweight and easy-to-control aluminium frames, dependable V-brakes, and adjustable seatposts and brake levers.

Whatever the weather, kids love to go on adventures, and the Cosmos bikes come prepared for any conditions with splash guards and sealed bottom brackets that boost weather-resistance, extending bike life.


  • Easy to control and manoeuvre, the aluminium frame is lightweight, and the bike looks great too thanks to a cool new design that your child will love.
  • An adjustable seatpost means you can alter the bike for the perfect fit, and it’s paired with a child-specific saddle.
  • Whether it’s trips to the park or races on smooth paths, the air-filled Kenda tyres provide a smooth ride.
  • Safe stopping power via mini V-brakes.
  • Colour-matched pedals for a cool look.
  • One-speed gearing creates a simple ride experience with no need to worry about gear changes.
  • The brake levers are adjustable so your little one can easily reach them, and a lightweight, one-piece, Carrera-designed handlebar with narrow grips is perfect for smaller hands.

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That completes our guide to Carrera’s new range of kids’ bikes – and there’s a lot to like! To explore the range in more detail, head over to

And don’t forget, it’s important to find the right bike size for your child, and we’ve got a handy guide to help here.