Booster Seat Legislation

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Everything you need to know about booster seat rules & legislation

Whatever stage your little one is at, you always want to make sure they're safe when you're on the move. You're probably well aware of laws around the safety standards of car seats and booster seats but we know it can be a bit of a minefield. We've combed through all the rules and regulations to give you the information you need to help you buy the best booster seat for your little one.

What is a booster seat?

Booster seats can be simple, backless seats to help position your child to fit into the car's seatbelt. There are also high back booster seats, which offer padded protection for a child's head and neck. Since 2017, guidelines on how long children should stay in high back booster seats have changed following safety concerns of backless models. It's now recommended that children stay in high back booster seats from 15kg and all the way up to the maximum 36kg (or 135cm) wherever possible. Backless booster seats are an alternative option from 22kg, however high back models are a safer way for your child to travel as they're found to offer greater side impact protection and be more comfortable for long journeys.

What is the law on booster seats?

Car seat law says all children should be in a car seat until they are 135cm in height or 12 years old, whichever comes first. Height-based seats are known as 'i-Size' seats. The car seat backward law says that car seats must be rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old. Your child can use a forward-facing child car seat when they're over 15 months old.

Since 2017, any newly manufactured booster cushions are only approved for children who fall into Group 3 (from 22kg, approx. 9 years old and/or 125cm). Existing booster cushions are still perfectly legal for children weighing 15kg and over, it's only new models manufactured since the new legislation came in that will be restricted to slightly older children.

In short, you can feel reassured of car seat laws and the high safety standards placed on booster seats. As long as you stick to the weight guide of your chosen car seat and buy from a reputable retailer, you can be sure that the model will have been tested appropriately with child safety ratings and will be approved for safe use for as long as recommended. Now, there's one less thing to worry about!

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