Joie - Ask the Expert Video

Creating top quality products to cater to your little ones, Joie specialise in all things child travel and safety. They’re built on a philosophy of family-first care, which is why we teamed up with them to create the Joie for Halfords range of car seats. Both over at Joie and here at Halfords, we’re always working to keep you and your little ones safe and happy, so together we’re answering some of the most common questions about child car seats.

We know it’s a confusing process trying to choose a child seat – especially if it’s your first time - as there’s lots of technical jargon and information to wrap your head around. Naturally, you’ll want to be fully informed before you make your decision, so we teamed up with Joie to break it down and talk you through the most commonly asked questions. 

In this video, Damon, one of Joie’s product gurus, will talk you through some of the most frequently asked questions about car seats, and a Halfords Expert will demonstrate fittings and adjustments as they’re explained so you can see exactly how they’re done.

We’ll answer questions including:


  • Are car seats a legal requirement?
  • How do you choose a car seat?
  • What is ISOFIX?
  • How do you adjust the straps on Joie car seats?
  • When can a child face forwards in a car seat?
  • When can a child use a booster seat?
  • How do I fit my child in the car seat?
  • How long can children travel in a car seat?
  • How do you clean your car seat cover and how easy are they to take on and off?
  • What is a multi-stage car seat?
  • Do car seats need to be replaced after an accident?