What is a premium service upgrade?

A healthy engine is essential for increasing your car's life span. If you want the best for your engine, the oil you choose needs to be up to the job.

Our Premium Service Upgrade includes refilling your engine with Mobil oil, the best engine oil available. Mobil's range of engine lubricants include Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic motor oil proven to exceed the industry's toughest standards. Our expert technicians will also use an engine cleaner to remove any sludge or deposits; not only will this help to improve fuel consumption, but this will also reduce your exhaust emissions.

Isn't it about time your engine deserved the best?

  • • Improves fuel consumption
  • • Outstanding protection against engine wear, preventing the build-up of sludge and deposits in your engine
  • • Provides the best protection during extreme weather conditions
  • • Helps to keep your engine cleaner
  • • Recommended by vehicle manufacturers including Porsche and Bentley

Yes! Beyond conventional engine oils, synthetic oils are consistently seen to perform better. They are distilled, purified and broken down removing more impurities (getting rid of built-up dirt) increasing your engine's protection and performance.

Yes! Anyone with a regular petrol, diesel or hybrid car can get a Premium Service Upgrade.